In Dubai will build a floating villa. Awesome will!

United Arab Emirates and Dubai - a place where originate truly grandiose projects, stunning for its innovative approaches and advanced ideas. One of the most ambitious projects emerging in construction - a luxury floating villa, hidden under the water.

Website in admiration of this ideas!

A fabulous apartment complex includes 42 underwater drifting villy.

The concept of the project is as follows: Each villa has three floors, two of which are located above the water level and one - under vodoy.

Upper floor - seating area, which will be located outdoor shower, mini bar, kitchenette and bath-tub made of transparent stekla.

Central floor, located at sea level - the living space, a place for a kitchen and dining zony.

The bedroom and bathroom are located in the depths of the water, on the ground floor.

"Underwater" space will be transparent windows, so that the residents of the villas will be able to get something like a personal okeanariuma.

The first floating houses can be seen at the end of 2016 goda.Istochnik photo: thoe



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