Tropical Mansion in Lebanon.

Rays of light making their way out of the ground - a highlight of the luxury villa Yarze Raed Abillama Architects, Baabda, Lebanon

This luxury home interior design studio presented Raed Abillama Architects. Completed in 2010, it is in Baabda, Lebanon. Yarze is a village in the district of Baabda southeast of Beirut.

According to the architects, the apartments were first rigorous eclectic style, which is integrated in the middle of a vast landscape. The project has been renovated with preservation of certain characteristic elements of an existing home by expanding the area and adding new spaces to him.
Careful attention was paid to the development of lighting at a location nearby. Large built-in grass cover lamps create incredibly delicious impression when light rays make their way right out of the ground. And in combination with stone slabs and the base of the facade they embody a unique contemporary design of this luxury villa.

This house is very attractive and looks more like a tropical house, where the windows offer excellent views of the scenic spots. Pretty generous glazing of the building allows to penetrate more sunlight. One of the main features of the site is a small swimming pool with lighting from neon lights around the perimeter. Exterior and interior walls are made of basalt stone. All this decorated in neutral pastel colors, reflecting the simplicity and elegance of construction.

Private Residence is focused on a family vacation, as well as the opportunity to visit the villa guests wishing to comfortably spend time surrounded by vast expanses of the net. Perfect harmony with the surrounding local landscape, it consists of three floors, the lower of which occupies a total area of ​​social and private rooms are located upstairs. In the interior and exterior of the mansion is dominated by only natural materials and a maximum of open space due to the details of architecture and the main task of this unique project.

Located just 15 minutes drive from downtown Beirut villa Yarze also differs more and blissfully quiet peaceful surroundings. You can almost immediately feel the difference in the air quality of this picturesque place. Interior design luxury villa in a contemporary style with an open floor plan. The house has a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool, manicured lawn and beautiful internal stairs.

To create a natural landscaping used local fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs, grass plants. Beautiful and well-organized landscape design creates a stunning view across the manicured adjacent to the construction site.
After a rest day in this paradise, you will not ever forget it!


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