Business trip. Lebanon my eyes.

I must say that I liked the trip, as well as Lebanon itself with its inhabitants. Here life flows differently, and it's always fun))) but more on that later ...

In the meantime, back a bit ...

So Vnukovo Airport. Duty free looks dull and expensive, block my cigarettes costs 25 euros ...

Best staff Croco Auto, including myself, will fly to Lebanon, transiting through Istanbul. There we are going to 5:00 ... plenty of plans)))

Discouragement passes quickly when the plane begins to pick up speed during takeoff ... oh, those magical adrenaline rush in the blood, improves mood

Turkish Airlines fed pretty well. Now it was possible to take a nap ...

Landed in Istanbul on schedule. Decided to leave the transit area, in order to have the opportunity to see the local sights.

To my weight plans, add another plans colleagues. But then intervened hungry stomachs of men and it was decided to stay at the airport.

So far, five of my colleagues was eating appetizing airport fast food. I spotted a small salonchik. And once the decision has matured. Mowing was such as I want! While I lay in curls, was a surprise to me

My male entourage, at the sight of the creation of the Turkish beauty industry on my head, to my surprise, grunted approvingly

And again, off ... the adrenaline ... an hour later our troops already in Beirut.

Then come back to his ineffable beauty on your head. Curly played a cruel joke with me. The customs officer took me probably for the Israeli woman, long studied the passport printing purpose of the visit was interested. Then he asked what hotel I live, here I have already showed our delegation, the guards became sad, returned the documents for yourself ... concluded "... because you can not be in the world such a beautiful»

Our crowd greeted and taken to the hotel.

Driving surprised me once ... do not use turn signals ... for any action on the road press on the horn ... until we arrived to the hotel, I realized that they had during the SDA does not exist, but for all that a major accident is very rare. Bob on small things. Roads, though at first glance look sloppy but well made.

The hotel was waiting for me chilled and clean room, but with such a wonderful green little balcony!

Flights me tired ... into sleep mode ...

Morning came, stood out the outlines of the city. Not far away, as initially thought, lapped the Mediterranean Sea, but as it turned out later, due to the serpentine roads to go on foot for about 20 minutes, and the roads in Lebanon are not designed for pedestrians. The population moves exclusively on your own car or by taxi. There are public transportation, but I've seen in all the time just 2 bus, so that the availability of public transport rather arbitrary definition.

What else struck, this abundance of very expensive cars, but the equipment can be almost empty. The new machine is worth 25 percent less expensive than a similar model in Russia.

Well, actually I was at the factory.

Here we are waiting for. Technologist David, an Englishman, by the way had time podnadoest his British accent begins seminar. First, the theoretical part.

Well, it's self ... well, where without it ...

After lunch, a bit of practice.

By this time, the company pulled it 2 brothers, Pierre and Johnny. They are very friendly, but some Arab cunning eyes))) Arab Christian phrase as incomprehensible, but in Lebanon understand that this is a common phenomenon

In the country side by side, there are different religious communities and denominations. Live peacefully together Israelis hate

The largest of them Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites), Christians (Maronite Catholics and Greek Orthodox). To date, Muslims constitute 60% of the population, although the civil war 1975-1990. Lebanon was a prosperous state, financial and banking capital of the Arab world with a dominant share of the Christian population, for which he received the informal name of "Middle Eastern Switzerland". Now the territory is divided into Muslim and Christian. We were lucky, our hotel was in the Christian part of the city, so you can wear European clothes. Hooray ... comrades

The first day came to an end. Our British decided to surprise us and brought supper ... .in pub Russian "Matryoshka". Zashib! 4 fly thousands of miles to once again feel the taste of familiar food !? However, the charm of a summer evening garden with spreading trees with candles on the table, really great food, a good company and under the tasting of local red wine, won my skepticism and I will gladly streskala pancakes with condensed milk.

Incidentally, I note, portions bring ogromennye, unlike in Moscow figushek plate. In addition there are wine and local beer with a great name "Diamond". With beer are served in addition to assorted nuts ... then you never have guessed it ... fresh carrot sticks in lemon juice. But my surprise called Arab in the supermarket, which bought ... "Baltika 9" ... yes yes ... our Baltika sold there !!!

In short, tired but happy we returned to the hotel and wandered through the rooms.

Before going to bed time to visit online chat and share experiences. Coupled with the way here there are no problems ... thank you wai-wai, that you are !!!

Sleep mode is activated ...

In the morning woke up and told the receptionist that the car will arrive in 15 minutes. Remembered the pioneering skills and after 15 minutes I was ready. So fast I can not remember when going

The second day was devoted to analysis of activity of various service centers. For lunch we brought shawarma in Arabic. Kebab vigorously-pepper in a pita. In general our delicate stomachs heartburn was provided ... although I will not deny ... delicious

After lunch, we came to a Mazda dealer. Acquainted with their methods of auto repair. Method, I tell you, no problems, they paint a car without disassembling. Pasted, and prepared in advance. This method is very popular in Lebanon.

In this paper we use both solvent and aqueous systems General.

Directly in the country worth more than 300 installations. Also under by General about 70% of Lebanon. Trade with 56 countries of the world. For the year at only they sell about 700 tons of paint. For Europe, selling the system to water, which is popular in Spain and France. In Spain, worth over 450 units!

In the state service has colorist, if it turns out, makes the butt. If not ... then a transition figachat only way ... without wrangling)))

Price paint one piece for insurance companies to 60 (!) Dollars for the remaining 75 (!) Of dollars with all the chores, olinklyuziv in Lebanese !!!

Given that each machine has a Lebanese and a lack of traffic rules on the roads, the services of a job do not sit

Almost lyuby even seedy garage, has in its arsenal USC and quality equipment.

Here's a sample met us!

The average salary of a painter starts from 1000 in Baku. Work from 7-30 to 16-30. With a break for lunch. Saturday to 13-00. Sunday holiday.

Use the supplies from different manufacturers.

even found a U-pol)))

Body is also present in the market.

Well, as without a premium Sikkens

And Shtandoksa place was found on the shelf

Everywhere are very welcoming and friendly. We immediately see that the tourists from Russia is very little.

The second day came to an end. We are pretty hungry and it was decided to move to a place with local cuisine.

We were placed on the terrace in the magnificent view of the sunset with a light Mediterranean breeze. Local cuisine me, Easterner, especially no surprise. The food was delicious, fresh seafood. Prices are moderate.

Here's a sunset accompanied us for dinner!

Well, it sopsno I with dessert. Fresh they bring in mugs of beer.

Idle active life here starts after 22-00. Lebanese families love to gather at a large table, smoking hookah, and teenage smoking on a par with moms and dads. Lebanese lady before going out, be sure to visit the hairdresser, some even wear very expensive jewelry for themselves. Family values ​​are held in high esteem. Adoring look even older couples. Maybe it's the climate of the people so calming effect, can still ... Do not know that! For all time never saw, someone cursing, and even more fighting! The crime rate is extremely low. And what is most interesting people here ... honest!

After dinner, we were taken to the hotel. Our Englishman said that tomorrow nationwide output and employment will not be. And we decided to make a trip to interesting places. Therefore, I fell asleep in my impatience, because I wanted to "tomorrow" come quickly.

And the long-awaited morning came. The plan consisted of three parts:

1. Jeita Grotto.

2. The Church of Our Lady of Lebanon.

3. The beach at Byblos.

Jeita cave captivated me as soon as I came back. The impression that he was in a fabulous place, everywhere stalactites and stalagmites, lighting creates a feeling of unreality. Unusual, powerful, although sleeping energy. (Here I apologize, at the time of our visit to the Ministry of Tourism has forbidden to take photos and video. Therefore zaposchu pictures from the Internet, made before the ban)

Underground grotto, there only by boat!

Neptune meets fabulous tourist

After the grotto, we went up the funicular cable car to the church of Our Lady of Lebanon at Harissa mountain.

The temple is located high in the mountains, about 700 meters above sea level. It opens unrealistic fabulous panorama.

The sculpture weighs about 15 tons and is a stronghold of the Christian church in the Middle East.

Do not be lazy, climbed up to the top!

Protect it with our military AK-47 ready. Pictures of people here can only with their permission. A military because it is forbidden, but the guys in shape, generously allowed me to their sfotkat only asked not to spread on Facebook. And pretended not to notice that they are photographed.

And here I am ... somewhere on the steps

Here once visited Pope John Paul II, at present head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis this temple, too, is a program of forthcoming visits. The place is really special. Pilgrims very much. Candles and incense handing out free of charge. Services are held in Arabic. Hear these chants masterpiece. Frankly, after the visit had the feeling that all the negative, somewhere evaporated. My heart was easy and relaxed. I like cleansed of all evil.

Next, the most desirable part of the program - a beach holiday in Byblos.

This is a very ancient city with a rich history. The truth from the ancient city there were only ruins.

As they walked to the beach, came upon a small market, where our boys to take an active nakupat souvenirs from the Lebanese symbols.

I do not bother. I needed to find a herbal shop. My goal was to find a very useful product, black cumin oil tree. And I found him. What was very happy. Since in Moscow it is very difficult to buy. As a supporter of alternative medicine, I recommend to all this oil have in your medicine cabinet!

Well, actually, we finally were on the beach. Our boys are lying in wait for a surprise. Lebanese men bathing in swimming shorts strictly, we were in swimming trunks than puzzling and fun-loving glances at the local Aboriginal people.

The sea was warm, golden sand and I even had time to soak up the warm sun of Lebanon.

For those who do not appreciate the delights of the sea, a swimming pool!

Well if you are not lazy ... it can be a good play football on such a field

For some reason I remembered my childhood, when you sit in the sand booty, lepish kulichiki and want to school, once in school, you want to college, having got to college, you want to work, and when it was working, I want to sing back in the sand and mud pies sculpt ... Well Well ... partly fulfilled. So believe - a dream come true !!!

Soon yellow cake rolled into the sea. Our cheerful company, by this time had time to get hungry, decided not to torture yourself with traditional Lebanese cuisine and we went to have our favorite pub Russian "Matryoshka".

Greeted us like family, fed clear and tasty food. So for a leisurely conversation, philosophical thinking about everything and nothing, we pass the warm evening. Already leaving the cozy place, learned that Dahii attack occurred and people died. These are the current realities on the background of an idealistic picture. You will laugh, but consider this the work of a terrorist attack Israelis.

After such a day, did not want to work. But I had to ...

In the morning, as usual awakened porter. Today we again visit service. This Nissan dealers. Three-level building. On each floor 2 cameras. Looks very well. Work only in dry. Color normal. Intelligent guys and they have. They, in turn, is also interested in how we work in Russia. Asked a lot of questions. Again, I can not mention the friendliness of the Lebanese and good sense of humor.

Well, it's me again

After the service we went to the factory to say goodbye to Pierre and Johnny. The hosts welcomed us parted and we decided to visit before leaving the quay, a kind of local Arbat with shops and cafes. Walking, we wandered into a nice restaurant, with a cheerful name Eva Braun, where they spent the rest of the evening in good company over a glass of red wine.

Things collected taxi waiting. The road from Juneau to Beirut airport takes about 20 minutes without traffic jams ... yes ... you heard right ... Lebanese know firsthand what a cork ... but treat them very quietly ... they probably this mentality.

The most spectacular place on the way to the airport, was oddly Mosque ... this beautiful, high, religious building ... in the evening include backlight. Looks very majestic and monumental.


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