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When we were in the age of 6-7 years, we are often asked the question:
-Who Do you want to be?
The most frequent were the word "astronaut" (as Yuri Gagarin), "fighter pilot" (as Kozhedub Ivan Nikitivich) or even "guerrilla" (like Valentin Kotik) ...

And what do you know about the Hero of Russia?
A short post about the most memorable UNDOUBTEDLY heroic deeds of our Russian citizens.

October 3rd, 1986 in the Sargasso Sea, 1,000 km north-east of Bermuda, in the missile compartment of the submarine "K-219" fire broke out. As follows from the official information of the time: "In order to ensure the safety of nuclear reactors for the manual lowering its compensating gratings in the 7th compartment introduced three experts electromechanical combat unit." One of these experts was the commander of the traffic division bilge group senior lieutenant Nikolai Belikov, others, his subordinate - a sailor Sergei Preminin. Belikov Preminin worked with in turn. They dropped three of four lattices. Due to the high temperature (about 70 degrees) Belikov fainted. Left alone in the reactor compartment, Sergei Preminin shut down the reactor, but to get out of the compartment he could not: the increased pressure bulkhead pursed. Wedged the door tried to open from the outside, but to no avail. Died 3 October 1986 on a nuclear submarine K-219 until the end of performing his military and constitutional duty.

What do you know about the heroism of Aldara Batarovicha Tsydenzhapova?

The morning of 24 September, when the crew of the destroyer was on board and was preparing for military campaigns of Fokino to Kamchatka, in the engine room of the ship caught fire due to the wiring at the time of breaking the fuel pipeline. Aldar, went on duty as a boiler operator team immediately rushed to block the leakage of fuel. About nine seconds later he was in the middle of the fire, after the elimination of leaks, he was able to get out of the compartment in flames, suffered severe burns. Operational activities Aldara and his colleagues led to the timely shut down the power plant of the ship, which otherwise could explode and cause damage to the powerful ship on which there were about 300 people.
Aldar in serious condition was taken to the Hospital of the Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok. Doctors fought for four days of his life, but on September 28 he was gone. Aldar was to serve less than a month ...

Anatoly V. Lebed.
In January 2005, personally destroyed three militants in an unequal battle, so to save their wounded comrades. In a subsequent fights his body covered privates wounded by a shot from a grenade launcher. Having blind shrapnel wound in the back, he continued to command the head patrol. As a result of the fight he was captured and destroyed a terrorist base connected Shamil Basayev.

Vetchinov Denis Vasilyevich.
August 9, 2008, Major Vetchinov followed in convoy battalion task group to assist peacekeeping battalion.
At the entrance to the city of Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) on the Zar road convoy, which followed the commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army Lt. Gen. AN Hrulev, commander of the regiment, AP Kozachenko, head of the artillery regiment N. Bagriy and a group of journalists was ambushed, struck up an unequal battle. Major ham, not a loss, a machine gun opened fire in response and personally destroyed three militants, picking up a trophy gun, he continued to bombard the forest, which was a group of enemy.
At the last moment, when he was already wounded, bleeding noting that from the opposite flank of the bushes gunman aimed to fire at army commander, without hesitation, Major Vetchinov threw himself under heavy fire of the enemy and gave their lives to save the life of army commander and close to the regiment commander and journalists.
Major ham in this battle, received eight gunshot wounds, including one not compatible with life - in the head. On the way to the hospital he died ...

Scrubs Sergey Viktorovich.
In 1992, Lieutenant SV Shrubs with subordinates to perform combat missions in the area of ​​the Ossetian-Ingush conflict. Then there was a special trip to the Chechen Republic, where he spent a total of more than a year. For courage and selflessness shown during anti-terrorist operations, he was awarded the medal "For Services to the Fatherland", 2 nd degree (with swords).
During the second Chechen campaign, when in January 2000 near the village of Mesker-Yurt in the Shali district of the Chechen Republic is one of the units was ambushed, many soldiers saved his cool intelligence chief. He himself was wounded in the leg, but remained in the combat formations, and successfully led the fight. For courage SV Scrubs was nominated for the state award.
In October 2001, his contract with the military unit came to an end, and he decided to continue to serve in the militia. He was offered the post of deputy commander of Penza special rapid reaction unit (SWAT). December 1, 2001, he had to begin to fulfill their duties at a new place, but still faced a trip to the Chechen Republic.
During this trip, he led eight and thirteen ambush intelligence and operational-search activities. As a result, it was destroyed by 19 armed militants seized 17 automatic weapons, shotgun, pistol 4, 8 grenades, a large quantity of ammunition and explosives. On the night of 22 November 23, 2001, his group together with employees of the temporary internal affairs department of the Shali district, carried out targeted checks in the place of Avtury. Major SV Scrubs personally managed to detain militants are ready to provide armed resistance.
After carrying out of operatively-search actions the group went to the base and on the eastern edge of the settlement of Shali was ambushed. Bandits concentrated their fire on the lead vehicle, where the commander of the group. The crew of an armored personnel carrier dismounted and took the fight. During the battle, Major SV Scrubs was severely wounded, but continued to guide the actions of subordinates. Thanks to his decisive action, the division was able to hold out until reinforcements arrived, and then go to a safe area. However, during the evacuation of Major SV Scrubs died from his injuries ...



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