My husband found his wife in bed with another, but could do nothing

- I never thought it would happen to me. Yes, everyone thinks so, perhaps: "Someone that can happen, but I - no, never." But life presents us with artful surprises and bad experiences.

The wife leave the child in the country. I traveled on business, was freed early and decided to go home. Hallway, I open the door with his key, walk into the room ... and the wife in bed not alone. Sleeps two, so much so fast, not even budge. I just like snapped something in the soul, the heart zaholonulo. Void such formed if the vacuum in the chest, and breathing became difficult.

Waking not. I photograph them - so you do not excuses. He turned and left quietly.

Five years in a happy marriage. Wonderful son grow. Well, how's it, huh? I do not know what to do.

In a head full of confusion.

I sit in the kitchen, I do not know how to live.

Author: Kamsky

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