6 things that are productive people do every day

I stole it nazvanieDzheyms Altusher

Okay, I admit straight away that stole the title for an article. But I have not read that article, keep in mind. I do not want, you know, a beautiful spot, the term "productive people».

I wrote here about the things that he do every day in order to increase efficiency. I think I can classify themselves as "productive people", given all that time to do it. I advise several companies. I lectured. I write articles and books (a pair of times a year for the past eleven years). And I still have time for a rather stormy personal life.

But I'm lazy too much. I can even afford to take a nap in the middle of the day, if you are too tired. Or sometimes over me "writer stupor" - a condition that many (far from writing) people believe the myth. Maybe it's a myth, but in those days I could not squeeze out a single line - the life of me. I feel very unproductive.

Moreover, about six years ago, I could proudly call themselves "absolutely counterproductive". Everything, no matter what I did, I took away money or peace of mind. People say that "money - is not it!" And they are right. But you know, that's money you need, when it comes time to pay the bills. And to repay the loan payments. I have two children, so try to pay on time.

However, at the moment everything changed, we can say, it turned over, and my productivity has increased a hundredfold. So what do I mean by "productive"? Things that I added or welfare, or for money. Everything is very simple. And here are some (simple) techniques that work just as well.

1. ChtenieChtenie - is perhaps the most productive employment in the world. When you live, just live your life a length of, say, 100 years (optimistic forecast). But when you read the book, you are a few days live another life - that concerns kontsetrirovannoy wisdom. Copywriting guru Joe Sugarman, was fond of saying: "It took me many years of trial and costly mistakes to accumulate the experience - and you will get it at the price of a book!" That's right, my friends. Books - our mentors, but no hourly wage. They know everything, they have learned their authors, and are ready to share this knowledge with you at any time - just reach out and take the book off the shelf.

2. SonRanshe I admire people who claim: "I need only three hours of sleep a night." Later I learned that most of these people are on the verge of nervous exhaustion. No, no, I'm not going to judge you or your friends, if you do manage to sleep for three hours. Maybe it's because I do not know you.

But do not you think that this is something normal ...?

Sleep is incredibly productive. Science is constantly studying this condition and its effect on the body: the restoration of neurons, memory backup, the growth of muscle tissue, normalize metabolic processes ... A lot of things. But even this is not the most important thing.

The main thing - is that based on our knowledge of sleep can significantly increase personal effectiveness. Dan Ariely, bestselling author of "behavioral psychology", told me that the peak activity of the brain account for 2-4 hours after awakening. So if you wake up, for example, at 6 am, 8-10 hours, your brain is in better shape.

So, if I'm not thinking, and I can not bring myself to do things I did not persuade myself together and do not blow a coffee liter. I'm going to bed. An hour later, I wake up, then I'll blunt a couple of hours, and then - voila! - Will work again at full capacity. I'll be fit and strong-willed. And this simple life hacking increases my productivity of about ten times.

3. Throwing vescheyNeskolko months ago we Claudia threw almost everything that we had. "I have" not equal to "I need", is not it? What we really need?

I like to read books on the electronic reader, so I do not need a huge dusty library in cabinets along the walls. Furniture, chairs, tables? We almost did not receive guests. Clothing? I always wear the same thing, it was enough to myself to admit it - and free lockers and storage area from the mountains of unnecessary things to me.

Our house was empty, and it was nice. Einstein once said (in an ironic sense): "If a mess on the desk is a mess in your head, then that should mean a void on the table?" So, I'm all right, Albert! I am not against the emptiness in the head.

Getting rid of the old, you are clearing the way for the new. The fewer things you have, the less you speak of these things. Regular discarding unnecessary - a ritual that cheers me up, so I resort to it to increase productivity. Great help!

4. No novosteyNeskolko weeks ago, someone asked me to comment on "the situation in Greece." What Greece still exist? .. Hmm, I do not know what their situation is. Maybe go back and look at the place?

They've got a large external debt, as everybody knows. So what? It was interesting to say? I do not think so. You see, people notice lions faster than the apple. If it were otherwise, we would not have lasted until now (Greece, which brought so much trouble). This means that we should focus on what is near us - and may have a direct bearing on us. Our ancestors knew about it, and we should not forget that if we are to be truly effective.

So leave Greece alone. Perhaps I'd better concentrate on their relationships with loved ones, emotional balance, deeds and plans. No news. No web surfing. No books, too tied to current events. No conferences and discussions. No Greece (in my life).

5. Meetings, phone, e-pochtaBolshinstvo business meetings can be reduced to a couple of e-mails. I am happy to go to a meeting - if it is meeting with my friends. It will be fun and improve my mood. And in a business meeting a waste of time, those who have too much.

What the employee when "meetings" can not be avoided? Get out. If you can afford to be late for an appointment or to withdraw from it before - a sin not to use it. If you can choose a place to meet - choose the most uncomfortable. Let there be uncomfortable chairs, for example. Or do not chairs - so everything runs much faster. Or just try to prove to your boss that the flying detachment, planёrki, meetings, rallies and discussion reduce your efficiency. I hope, then he will leave you alone.

I try to talk on the phone as little as possible, not more than once a day or two, because the e-mail, again, to solve many problems much more efficiently, and also because a phone call - is stress. Here's a call, and you have to respond. It can be anything - not necessarily good news. You have to think fast if they ask questions - it is in person, you can get rid of a mysterious smile, and a phone number does not pass. And anyway, you never know what you're in the mood? .. Phone reduces, rather than increases productivity. At least mine.

As for e-mail, I like to approach Neil Strauss, who works with nearly one hour per day. Everything.

6. OpytLichnost person - is the sum of his experiences, rather than the value of property. Things come and go, but the experience remains with us forever, creates and constantly changes our essence. Things also become obsolete and discarded.

Well I believe those activities that bring with them the experience: meeting people, books, impressions of travel. That I can remember, to write, to wear in the heart indefinitely. My experience belongs only to me, it is possible to share, but no one can take it. If some thing does not carry any useful experience, I do not do it.

There are, of course, such events that seem useless, but they can not be avoided. In my life, these include conference. However, instead of thinking "again, damn useless conference" I think, "Oh, a great excuse to meet new people!" So I trained myself around looking for an opportunity to get experience and expertise.

At conferences I have found many friends and guests for your podcast. I can not always do just what I want. But what I can learn from boring and unpleasant lessons - it's my choice. Today, for example, I need to take the children to the dance (and a half hours in traffic to and fro). But I can see how they dance! And like other children dancing. And how to teach it.

I choose - experience.

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