Before the death of pumped up: 5 facts about how fitness can kill you. Literally

Recently ðóíåò shocked terrible news: dead 20-year-old Irina Fomenkova, speaking in the category bodyfitness. Who is to blame: the coaches or own excesses girls in an effort to make your body perfect, we do not undertake to judge, but instead offer you a selection of facts about how fitness can become life-threatening occupation. So clearly you're going the wrong way, if ... 1. Trust boyfriend / girlfriend / Internet Friend make a program for you trenirovok

Trainer - this is not minded PTUshnik and "exhibition" body. It brains, education and care, together with moderation: no plyometrics with untrained client no samopisnyh diets should be done by a nutritionist. 10 years dispensing tips in Kontaktike - is not an experience and not a basis for trust.

2. to make every workout "abandoned"

If hours - 9 am, and you have already sent their own feet in a coma, then you are the enemy of his own body. The aesthetics of pain and death around the bar - pure bodybuilding and chemical illusion. In all, the principle of reasonable necessity.

3. targeting a form of professional exhibition sportsmenov

This form, which you see on the photos strokes of both sexes, can be maintained only during performances. Believe me: in real life no one needs (and not visible under clothing). Not exhausting itself. You have only one body, and it has a capacity limit, you want to believe it or not.

4. dehydrated, excluding the power of all carbohydrates and fats in favor belkov

The best way to quickly turn itself into an old man / old woman - to give up all nutrients except protein, in an effort to raise the rate of abnormal muscle mass. Professional bodybuilders look older than their years - unfortunately, lost elasticity of the body itself does not return.

5. Allows fitness supersede all other interests in zhizni

Yes, it's their need to love as the beloved lover - burn them to live it - and then success will come without fail, and the work will not be a burden. However, despite all the interest in fitness, passion still should not have you. Otherwise, enlarged, it can ruin your life.



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