Proteins are able to purr: 15 interesting facts-taymkillerov

This collection will help you to kill five minutes that have nothing to do. < 1. In 2011, Japan's diapers for adults for the first time it has been sold more than for infants.

2. of the ice covering the Martian poles, can be used as a source of fresh water.

3. The "Wizard of Oz" is a continuation. In it the main character is put into a mental hospital, because nobody believed her story.

4. The proteins are able to purr.

5. implants for breast augmentation were first tried in dogs.

6. In Norway, there is a city whose name has just one letter Å.

7. A little bird sedge warbler can fly 4,000 kilometers without stopping. If in the beginning it weighs 23 grams, at the end of it remains only nine grams.

8. The word "avocado" is borrowed from the language nuatl (spoken in Mexico), where it is used to refer to the male testis.

9. acrotomophilia - passion for amputation. Someone Alex Mensaert of an accident lost a leg. Alex liked it so much that he voluntarily underwent several operations for amputation of healthy limbs. Now he lives with his left hand, and quite happy.

10. In summer, the Eiffel Tower rises above 15 cm.

11. Do women have more hair follicles on the body than men, although the scalp is much less.

12. In the human body enough iron to make a nail 7 cm long.

13. a beaver teeth grow all life

14. Neanderthal brain was larger than ever from homo sapiens.

15. During hibernation turtles can breathe backwards. Yes, exactly what you're thinking.



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