Interesting facts about proteins

Despite the fact that the proteins of animals familiar to us, that doesn't make them less interesting. They are still of great interest to scholars and researchers. It is worth noting that they have not changed over the last 50 million years. That's how much they exist on our earth. This article will acquaint you with interesting facts about proteins.

1. Newborn squirrel weighs no more than 50 grams, its growth does not exceed one inch. After birth a newborn has no teeth, no horse.

2. 4 front teeth on squirrels, like many other rodents, continuously grow. This allows the teeth to wear out in use.

3. And did you know that protein is the cleanest rodent? Male squirrels spend much more time caring for their hair than the female.

4. African pygmy squirrels are the smallest among its kind. Length from nose to tail is only 2.5 inches.

5. To date, there are 365 species of squirrels. These types are divided into 7 families. Them just are marmots, Prairie dogs, and gophers.

6. The sense of smell in a protein developed just fine. Just imagine: the male is able to smell the scent of a female at a distance of one mile.

7. At birth the young are totally blind. See they can't do as much as 6 – 8 weeks of life. Naturally, throughout this period they are completely dependent on their mother.

8. Squirrels usually mate in winter. This time of year for squirrels most active. Throughout the mating time the male chases the female and trying to attract attention.

9. Squirrels mate twice a year. Interesting fact: one female never mates with the same male more than once.

10. Many people know that flying squirrel is not capable of flying in the conventional sense of the word. Their wings only allow them to glide from one tree to another. These animals have well-developed night vision, which allows them to accurately navigate in the dark.

11. It should be noted that these animals are very voracious. Just one week protein eat anything that has a mass equal to the mass of her body.

12. Squirrels have well-developed hind legs, the front is quite short. Thanks to the joint work of paws, the squirrel is able to jump distances of approximately 20 feet.

13. What is surprising is that a squirrel can fall from thirty meters in height, remain completely intact. Not to cause serious injury when falling proteins allows not only the structure of their bodies, as well as fluffy and beautiful tail, which proteins are used to balance, on the principle of a parachute.

14. The color of the fur of the proteins can be different: white, grey, red, brown and black. Not difficult to guess that whites with black color, has a higher temperature than everyone else, because black color absorbs heat better than others.

15. The adult lives alone. The only exception is the case in periods of severe frost. At this time, the squirrels nest together for warmth.

Protein can be found in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Their life expectancy ranges from two to eight years. They belong to the omnivorous animals, as their diet consists of insect larvae, buds of trees, bulbs, plants, frogs, buds, nuts and small birds. The weight of an adult does not exceed 2 kilograms and height – 5 to 36 inches.




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