6 confirmed scientific ways to raise self-esteem

For decades science beats to help a person to raise self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves. Here you will find a selection of the six ways that, according to recent research should help you achieve this goal.

1. Spend a few minutes on his page FacebookPo approval by researchers from Cornell University, a Facebook chat a positive effect on self-perception of college students.

Of 63 students left alone in a university computer lab. Some of them had been granted access to Facebook, other computers are turned off. Those who sat in the social network, were allowed to place on your wall posts and news in three minutes. Then, all students were asked to complete questionnaires that were designed to assess the self-esteem.

Those few minutes spent on Facebook, showed a positive attitude towards themselves than members of the control group, deprived of access to the Internet.

2. Go to the gym zalUchёnye of Canada found that the psychological state of adolescent obesity is markedly improved after 10 weeks of exercise at intervals twice a week.

In the experiment, 30 teenagers whose age ranged from 12 to 17 years, were for an hour on an exercise bike or engage in, or play interactive video games of their choice.

After that, all the young people were asked to complete the test, the questions which were related to how the respondents feel confident about their own academic skills, social skills and physical fitness. In addition, the teens were asked to rate their own appearance and self-esteem.

The difference, though small, but still was: adolescents, exercise, feel more confident than those that play games.

3. Create your digital avatarIssledovanie professionals University of Missouri found that the creation of a digital alter ego can play in a person's life a positive role.

The researchers interviewed 279 people who play the game of «Second Life», and found that the more people identify with their avatars, the more likely that they lead a healthy lifestyle and feel yourself more confident.

Avatars help to strengthen the sense of self-worth and even motivate the change of many people to have much in common with their virtual "I».

4. Spend more time with ottsomUchёnye the University of Pennsylvania found that people who are in their early youth spend with their fathers more time, have more confidence in yourself.

The researchers followed the lives of 200 families belonging to the working or middle class, educate, at least two children. It was found that increasing the time that fathers spend on communication with your children is very positive impact on the attitude of the past to ourselves.

Time spent with the mothers, too, was going to benefit, but not as dramatically as in the case of fathers.

5. Start taking lessons pianinoUchёnye University of Texas at Austin found that the self-esteem of children taking piano lessons, higher than that of those who are not engaged in music.

To participate in the experiment were selected from 117 first grade secondary school in Montreal. None of them had no musical training, there was a musical instrument in the house; All children came from families with low incomes. 63rd of them brought a piano and once a week for three years to come to them a professional educator. 54 the rest of the child did not receive musical training.

All the children were tested for self-confidence, progress in learning, cognitive ability, musical talent and motor abilities before starting the experiment and during the three years, while it lasted.

The results clearly showed the positive impact of music lessons on self-esteem of children.

6. Use your free time to develop a new for himself navykEto be learning a foreign language or solving mathematical riddles. Mastering new skills in their spare time will help to improve life satisfaction - say scientists from the Department of Enterprise, Innovation and Skills UK.

In addition, they found that people who took place of any training course was already an adult, have a better health and less likely to be depressed.

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