From a scientific point of view, a woman needs more time to settle down after a quarrel than men

And this is due to physiologically. A man and a woman come out of themselves and fall into a state of anger or irritation about the same rate. But the fact, to calm down, a man takes much less time.

Strong emotions are accompanied by a number of physiological processes: quickens the heartbeat, increases production of adrenaline, muscles tense. To these processes are completed, a woman needs a little more time: her male opponent has calmed down and forgot about the subject of the dispute, but the woman still "seething", unable to quickly return to its normal rhythm. This is due to the fact that the nervous system, women are more sensitive, and more responsive to stimuli than men: the brain has calmed down, the conflict is settled, and the tensed body still submits the brain signals that the quarrel continues, forcing cause new arguments or even change the theme of the quarrel . Lelo of VK

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