How do you know whether a man is in love?

1. A man says.
If your man loves you, he is ready to talk to any and everyone, "Look, this is - my woman," or "it - my girl," or "mother of my child." You will have an official title, which goes far beyond "this is my friend" or something like that.
Because your man, you put in the most coveted area of ​​his heart, and feeds you some feelings. This title - a way to notify all others that he is proud to be next to you, and that he has a plan for you. He sees himself as a long-term and sincere relationship with you and says so publicly, because it seriously.

2. A man provides.
Once a man said his right to you and you responded in kind, it starts to make a "bread and butter". Simply put, the man who loves you will make money in the house to ensure that you and the kids have everything you need. This is the goal for men.
This is the essence of the male vocation - to be the breadwinner and provider. If the ability to provide loved ones financially or otherwise is in doubt, the male ego, grievously tormented. The more a man is able to provide his woman and their children, the more significant and fulfilling it feels.
Because each "stroking" for what he brings home money every kiss for giving the money to buy school uniforms, food and toys, every praise for the fact that the maintenance of order in the house, increases its importance as men.
If a man loves you, it will provide you with everything you need.

3. A man defends.
When a man loves you, anyone who says, does, offers something bad or even just thinks you somehow offend, in danger of being destroyed. Your man will sweep away everything in its path, make sure that everyone who has treated you disrespectfully, paid the price. That is his nature.
This innate sense which is recognized and approved by the very first relationship that is at the boy - the relationship with the mother. He probably does not know what unconditional love, but the boy never admits that his mother might be wrong, and will not allow someone to say or do something against his mother. Men are taught from the cradle that: protect the mother, do not let anyone talk bad about her or hurt her.
However, the defense - is not only the use of brute force. This can be a valuable piece of advice or help with something that, in his opinion, is not safe for you.

Ladies - men love differently. Love men fit into three categories.
This statement, security and protection.
If your man does it all for you - it is priceless!



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