Your body language affects the way you think about yourself, not only on how you are seen by others

Teach your body to "willful postures" - and perhaps you will become happier and uspeshnee

Our body language influences the way we think about ourselves and what we feel. Strong-willed people are more assertive and tend to be more risk-averse, and are more optimistic than helpless. This is reflected in the language of the body, strong-willed people are not clamped and gesticulate a lot, while people with a weak will, by contrast, tightened and make a little gesture.

At the physiological level, strong-willed people have high levels of testosterone and low cortisol. Experiments show that if a person has (for whatever reason) to take a leadership role, the level of testosterone in his body increases and decreases the level of cortisol. This process takes several days.

The experiments also show that the body reacts to the position that a person takes. If you right, open and making sweeping gestures, the level of testosterone will increase, and the level of cortisol - to fall. If the "shrink into a ball," the effect will be the opposite.

The body can affect how we are perceived by others. And (more importantly) how we think about ourselves and how to feel. Teach your body to other postures - to change the way of thinking. And then in your personal life, work, and other equally important areas of your life with harmony.



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