How fast to lose weight for the New Year: take emergency measures

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Before the New Year in women their care. And no, it's not buying gifts, do not work festive menus and other household chores. Our main and primary task - somehow contrive and get into a new dress, which for some reason once again is not enough. For the sake of this, we are hammering in the search on the Internet, "lose weight fast", and then find that this will help us a diet Larisa Dolina, grapefruit diet, kefir diet, acting diet mysterious diet "6 petals" and dozens of others! On closer examination, however, reveals that at the heart of all this diversity is based on two simple ideas: all or mono-diet, in which you can have only one thing (and it does not matter what it is, cucumbers or buckwheat), a very strict diet, providing that in the day you will receive no more than 500 calories . Then we spit on everything and sit on the Dukan Diet, which has thinner few friends best friend, and indeed the friend turns out to be from last week do not eat carbs and watching rezultat.Ona, of course, lose weight. Only one thing, though: after a New Year's Eve razgoveetsya girl and attacked potatoes and mayonnaise, lost weight will come back in full. It was already in the last year - did not remember? Ducane do not offer after two weeks of protein and fiber gang up on fat and simple carbohydrates. But who is interested - as thin! It would be desirable to wear on New Year's dress size smaller, do not repeat draws oshibok.Chego need to avoid trying to quickly pohudet1. Mono-diet or a diet providing a sharp limitation on the number kaloriyPotreblyaya a day not more than 500 calories, and suffer from the fact that you can not be anything but boiled eggs and 100 grams of fat-free yogurt, you will certainly lose weight. But first, izmuchal and izvedet yourself and home - and it will not add to your pre-holiday mood. And secondly, seriously harm your health. The fact that fasting leaves no fat, and muscle mass, which is why the body there disparity ratio of fat and muscle, increase the risk of metabolic syndrome (it leads to diabetes), and after the return to normal diet you will certainly gain weight, but still fat you will have more than ever before, and muscles - less. 2. Supplements for pohudeniyaTabletki and capsule manufacturers that promise you instant effect without dieting and exercise - a trap for the lazy. It would seem that this is a dream: a magic pill, eat - and order. But here it is interesting: someone from those who make them, think about the fact that a lay and how does it work? Supplements can either act on the brain and reduce the feeling of hunger, or to delay the absorption of fat in the intestine, or to swell in the stomach, creating a feeling of nasyscheniya.Odnako as they are safe, no one can say as dietary supplements - it's not drugs, manufacturers are responsible for almost nesut.3. Detox and other kinds of cleaning organizmaVoobsche a detox your body carries himself: regular purgation known to all and there is a way to get rid of most toxins, for which we liters of drinking green tea, smoothies or lemon juice mixed with olive oil. Any detox plan is a diuretic and laxative effect, with the result that we are losing weight because of banal fluid loss. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance causing weakness and disruption of the heart, but this is not what we achieve it? 4. Excessive physical nagruzkaIzbegayte sharp increase in load: do not just install themselves schedule 'seven times a week for three hours. " The excess of physical activity will lead to exhaustion, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, and in addition, you will also bad psychological effect: sports turn to you as a punishment for having eaten too much, and from there to anorexia nervosa close. As in all important here umerennost.Rekomendatsii eksperta

Natalia Nefedova, a nutritionist, a graduate of the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition Canada Mcgill University: without harm to health in a couple of weeks, you can lose two to three and a half kilograms. To do this, be sure to make a few number of veschey.Uvelichit fiber in the diet: eat more fruits and vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are replaced by a complex, that is to give up sweets and pastries, white bread and replace with whole wheat. Reduce portions - it should be made to suffer not count calories, but at the same time to reduce caloric intake. Before each meal drink a glass of water: it will fill your stomach and you will eat less. To give up alcohol. Be patient until the New Year! Alcohol - is extra empty calories. Eliminate sugary drinks. It - also the extra calories. You simply are not counted. I eat spicy food and not be afraid to drink black coffee without sugar - this will speed up your metabolism. Do sport. Through exercise you can and gain weight as increasing muscle mass. But the waist will be thinner. When muscles are flabby, the body seems to be more loose, voluminous. When you strengthen the muscles, this extra amount will disappear.

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