How to lose weight after hormone pills

Hormones is a great invention of modern medicine. However, many people still have linked this concept with the extra weight and the problem is how hard it is to lose weight after hormone pills that is not quite right. The fact that hormones are very different, and only some of them can affect the increase in body fat.

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The first thing we will focus on sex hormones: estrogen and progesterone, which are directly responsible for the roundness of the female silhouette.
It is these biologically active substances included in the composition of oral contraceptives, which are used for many reasons. For example, in order to avoid unplanned pregnancy, menstrual disorders, diseases of the ovaries and uterus, and many other pathological processes, to eliminate that possible only hormones.

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Completely eliminate the possibility to gain a few extra pounds while taking or after discontinuation of the drug impossible. Because most often, the weight gain caused by fluid retention in the body, significant improvement in appetite or correctly chosen remedy. All of these factors on the background of poor diet and sedentary lifestyles make themselves known in the form of a horrifying figures on the scales. How to lose weight after taking hormonal drugs, that's another topic that will discuss in this article.
Weight loss after hormonal tablets

  • The first step is to limit, if not to abandon the fatty, salty, smoked food.
  • To eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Forget about cakes and candies, at least for a while.
  • to help correct diet;
  • to offer the best option exercise;
  • or, what is often practised, to appoint a special medicines for weight loss.
Perhaps some will seem banal, but still, the surest way to bring your body in normal state remains a balanced diet combined with physical activity.
As for exercise, to lose weight after taking hormonal drugs, not necessarily a clock to pace yourself in the gym, but enough for at least a half-hour walk in the fresh air or gentle exercise at home.Thirty four million two hundred eight thousand eight hundred fifty eight

For more detailed requirements, please contact your treating doctor who has prescribed hormones. In turn, the specialist can:
Many women trying to get rid of extra inches, sometimes go for the most radical measures, among these include the hormones. However, to resort to the help of hormonal pills, with the aim of as soon as possible to lose weight, you should after a complete examination. Only tests can show what violations occur in the body, the doctor will choose the hormonal drugs which promote weight loss.
If the woman began to note an intense weight gain while taking hormonal medications, you should immediately consult a specialist. Because this phenomenon may be due to hormonal disturbance caused by improper selection of the drug or individual intolerance of the body.
You can lose weight and according to the standard scheme, taking hormonal pills, but it usually applies to those cases where the fat gain is negligible.

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In some situations, for example during IVF Protocol, or other women's diseases, doctors resort to the help of hormonal injections. Most often, this therapy is not long, however, may affect the waist fully. To lose weight after hormone injections, you also need to follow the diet and way of life, the ineffectiveness of the measures taken to consult a doctor.


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