Appreciate what you have now ...

Imagine that you are 90 years old. You're lying in a warm bed, and at any moment could come on the very day when you will not

In old age, people often think about life. They think about it almost every day

Remember that someone they loved, with whom communicated, where they were well. Especially remember about the opportunities that they once provided, but because of fear afraid to use them

You lie, and suddenly, suddenly, there is a time machine

You get in this time machine, and it takes you here, yes here, you are not 90 years now, and as long as you are and you are reading this post

You have been given a second chance: now everything that you do not have time - to realize
Do you have another opportunity to do something useful and interesting, because you already know that in old age you will be bored and it is better to think about what you tried to do something, or did you think about that, because of -this some fear, you just throw away their opportunity

This is an elementary math: if we take the condition of the fact that once we leave all of this life, The Sum of All Fears - 0

Remember, fear is living at the expense of you, that you fill it with meaning and make significant

If you have something really can do - do

If you have something someone does not say - say, then the time you will not have

Appreciate what you have now ...


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