12 tips that will make you to love Cleaning

1. Cleaning the blender
Fill a blender with clean water, add a little dishwashing detergent, close the lid and turn it on. Now, flush with water and ready!

2. Traces of lipstick
Lipstick clothing can be removed with the help of hairspray. Spray it on the stain, wait 10 minutes, pat the place a damp washcloth and wash as usual.

3. Cooker
Against stains on the stove will help vegetable oil. Drip on a paper towel and rub a little oil stove.

4. Pieces of glass
Treat bread should be respected. But the pieces of glass may cause great harm. If you broke something glass, you need to cut a little bit of white bread and rub them a place where they can be fragments. It will gather everything, even the smallest.

5. Cleaning the sofa
A little alcohol, pour into a spray bottle and spray over the sofa. Then wipe it clean with a sponge brush and walk. Done!

6. Spray shower
Hard water stains can be removed as follows: type in the package vinegar, tie around the spray gun and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and rinse the spray gun.

7. Gridiron
Hot grill grate wipe the onions cut in half. Besides cleaning grid and get more tasty meat.

8. Animal fur
To collect pet hair, you need to walk on the carpet brush for washing windows, or hand in rubber glove.

9. Wet shoes
To dry wet shoes or gloves, crumple several newspapers and shove inside. You can also use a bag of dry rice.

10. Ventilation grille
In order to clean hard to reach areas, use ventilation grilles butter knife. At its tip, wear a cloth dampened with detergent and scrub the dirt from all the cracks.

11. Dirty pan
Pour into the pan a little water and a cup of vinegar. The resulting mixture should be a little boil. Now add 2 tbsp. l. baking soda. After that, all you need to pour out and start to clean. Get rid of the spots will be much easier.

12. Cleaning Silver
Baking dish or large platter Cover the aluminum foil, pour half a cup of baking soda and as much salt. Fill in the form of warm water and drop to silverware. Wait half an hour and rinse with clean water silver.

Personally, I am now going to refer to the cleaning of a greater love, or at least with less hatred. I wish the same to you and your friends with whom you will certainly share this material.


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