When I found these 28 culinary secrets, I loved your kitchen. It's much easier than you think ...

To be a good cook, you need to know a huge number of little secrets that will not only add elegance to your dishes, but do not just save your stryapane. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and did not imagine my life without preparing culinary masterpieces assembled for you 28 tips that will make your meals even better and will add them to the punch line. Be sure to keep them in his favorites!

1. Lift the foam from the bottom of the broth is easy - you just need to pour into a glass of water.

2. Chicken broth does not bear any seasoning, except carrots and onion. Nothing else is added.

3. Bay leaves have to be removed from the pan immediately after cooking, remains inside, he only spoil the taste.

4. Meat for chops and grill good process for 1 to 2 hours to prepare a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil. Since the dish will be more soft and fragrant.

5. Try for the perfect mince meatballs. Add equal parts finely chopped raw onion and lightly toasted, and - a bit raw potatoes.

6. The first minute of frying burgers should be on the largest fire, to get a crust, not giving leak juice. Then reduce the heat to medium and continue to cook, flip burgers and again make a strong fire for a moment. Cutlets delight you look and taste with this method of cooking be sure.

7. Wipe the fish with a towel and salt for 10-15 minutes before frying. So she would never fall apart into pieces, frying until golden brown uniform.

8. Mushrooms will give a spicy flavor to any dish, the secret is to chop them as finely as possible.

9. To the grated raw potatoes are blue in the face, add a little milk and stir.

10. Old potatoes immediately improve its taste, if during cooking to add a spoonful of vinegar in the water and throw 2-3 cloves of garlic and a bay leaf. The older the potatoes, the more water is needed for cooking.

11. whipped mashed potatoes by hand. After the mixer, it's over, lush, but quickly loses its flavor.

12. Cooled boiled potatoes, grated on a fine grater - a miracle ingredient that will make the yeast dough soft and fluffy.

13. Brush the pan with vegetable oil, and then melt butter. Then it will not get dark and burnt.

14. Plug in a pair of tubular dough raw pasta - it fit much faster.

15. whipping cream whisk, describes eight and smeared a lot of walls. The cream will magically.

16. The fresh dough was added brandy, then it will immediately turn into a crumbly.

17. Beans always boil in the open pan - then it will not be dark.

18.Esli bottom of the pan sprinkle with salt before pouring cooking oil spray will not. Here is the opening!

19. Salad with sauerkraut becomes gourmet snack, if you add a slice of orange or tangerine.

20. watered salad with vegetable oil only after add salt and spices. Mayonnaise salad acquire a special spicy flavor, if you put in it a while lemon peel.

21. It sounds crazy, but add in a tablespoon of milk vinaigrette, and lay a teaspoon of sugar. This delicious salad you just have not tried.

22. Washed eggshell, carefully laid you in broth, make it transparent. So simple to achieve the desired effect, it turns out.

23. The broth of onion peel you can add any broth, correcting their color. In addition, it is a wonderful source of vitamins.

24. The old chicken is cooked for a long time, but you can speed up this process. After 20-30 minutes of cooking, put it on for 5-6 minutes in cold water. Swara as pretty.

25. The oven is good for cooking meat. It turned out to school, put in the cooking container of water inside the oven.

26. Now you can fry fish without a specific smell. We shall cut a couple of slices of raw potato, and fire away at the same time her with a fish. The smell persists.

27. Quickly cool hot fruit compote can be a simple way. It is necessary to put them in a saucepan with another large bowl, filling it with cold water and pour in the water a little coarse salt.

28. When ready jelly diluted starch lei not in the middle of the pan, and closer to its walls. Kisel is a feast for the eyes!

Check these tips yourself and make sure that any owner can not do without them. And help my friends improve their culinary skills - tell them about these boards!

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