These tips for health must observe each! Live so as not to be treated afterwards!

If every day to follow these simple rules, you will not need then to go to the doctors! .cc tells you how to save your precious health. Every day you yourself influence their health. If you change a number of not very good habits, and add useful initiatives in your day, you can completely forget about any health problems. These recommendations seem simple at first glance ... And so it is! It's simple and logical - and therefore suitable for Estestenno healing the body.

1. The value of coffee
Do not believe those who tell about the terrible dangers of caffeine. If you're going to drink about three to four cups of coffee a day, the liver does not hurt, but will strengthen the circulatory system. The smell of coffee sets the tone for the whole day, and improves mood, this drink is very beneficial effect on the metabolism. So spoil yourself coffee and remember that it is useful.

2. Proteins for breakfast
Eat protein for breakfast, and you'll be in good shape! In addition, the proteins will fill you with energy and satiate the whole day ahead. You do not want junk food so much, if you eat breakfast foods rich in proteins. and protein: eggs, yogurt, milk, cheese, oatmeal, beans.

3. Do not forget about potassium
In your diet must have foods rich in potassium. This element is extremely important for your heart! and potassium: cocoa, apricots, fish, prunes, spinach, yogurt and potatoes in their skins. On how harmonious potassium-sodium balance in your body depend on many physiological processes.

4. Movement - that's life
Even if you are doing sport while sitting most of the day, your exercise lose all their effectiveness. Get up periodically move, pacing the room when talking on the phone, whether mnogozadachen. According to epidemiologists, jumping to his feet regularly, you protect yourself from cancer.

5. Beware sunlight
Ultraviolet rays are very dangerous day, because only a short time and sunbathe in the morning. This is especially important for those who have moles or skin is prone to pigmentation. Skin cancer - this is no joke.

6. Go to bed early
It does not always like that, of course, but the ideal is to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Then the body will run like clockwork, literally. And do not need to pace yourself diets - no night eating, nothing more. Early to bed and early to eat breakfast, he always looks good.

7. Sleep in a cool
The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18 degrees. So you will never suffer from insomnia, less will be a headache, and this advice is useful for skin diseases. Ventilate the room before you go to sleep.

8. Walk distance
The more active your way of life, the slower you get older. This is due to the human body the device. Hippocampus - part of the limbic system of the brain involved in memory - every year in the volume is reduced to 1-2 percent, because of which increases with age the risk of dementia. If you want to live to a ripe old age and stay sane - regularly loads themselves in activities in which the activity decreases heart muscle. Walking is also nice.

9. Turn to yoga
Why yoga has become so popular? Because once you do, you will not imagine my life without her. Yoga wonderfully strengthens the whole body, you will never get sick of spin, and the world will you look in another way - through the eyes of a man who owns his own body. And this is so cool!

10. Motivate yourself
Try to make every effort to achieve this goal. The best motivation - to realize that at any moment you might die. I live here and now, is the best outlook, because it is the most favorable effect on the nervous system.

11. Appreciate what you have
If you suddenly upset any situation - just imagine that things could be much worse ... This is one more piece of advice for those who want to always preserve emotional balance.
What will be your life, if to take away from it all good? That's it ...

12. Relax
Always allow yourself to relax and unwind. Better, of course, choose sanatory outdoor recreation. This is very helpful for the whole of your body.

13. Adds spice
Spices, especially chilli, accelerate metabolism. This is useful not only for those who want to lose weight. Spices - the key to good health.

14. Enjoy socializing with your favorite people
That is - a very important point, which may seem strange to many. Surely, you already spend enough time with the child. Experts believe that the questions of communication is necessary to look at a different angle. Who do you have to communicate more? Yes, the answer is a surprise - with life partner and other adults. To be viable marriage, you need to constantly feed it - new experiences, impressions and memories. Therefore it is necessary sometimes to give up the evening with family and instead go on a date with his second half, and to invite to the meeting another married couple.

15. Eat dark chocolate
The tile of dark chocolate contains theobromine as much as you want to give your body the energy boost, but not enough to replace the excitement came depressed. Therefore, it is an ideal drug, a drug for your hormonal system. You can always in difficult moments to back yourself and your body a little piece of chocolate. It is also good for the heart.

Try to take care of health from an early age. To live with such rules is not boring, they are simple and even fun. Nice to make friends - to share with them this article.

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