5 Secrets of the Chefs. That's why home cooking will never be like a restaurant!

As we prepare to eat for his family or for a romantic dinner, we often imagine how the finished product should look like and what it should be to the taste. We imagine that the finished dish is like a restaurant, but what we see on the plate, often strongly differs. And there are several reasons.

Do not worry because of that your dishes are not very similar to the restaurant. The main thing that they liked your friends and family. You're not a professional chef, who knows by heart hundreds of recipes. Find out why the home-cooked meals will never be like a restaurant.

1. Salt


Chefs in restaurants are not afraid to add a lot of salt in their food. They salted literally every ingredient at every stage of cooking. They always add a little more salt than they need.

2. Hot plates


Cookers and ovens in restaurants often warmed up to the maximum, because at high temperatures the food is prepared much faster. This, of course, is not suitable for all meals, but to some it gives a very nice color and crispy.

3. Shallots


You'll be surprised to know how much of this year buy onions restaurants. It is present in almost every dish. Cook shallots used primarily because it has a mild taste in contrast to the usual onions or garlic.

4. Oil


Oil - is the easiest way to add flavor to any dish. Do you know what kind of a light nutty taste of roasted vegetable sauce, or why this is so soft on the palate? It's oil.

5. Feed


Professional chefs spend a lot of time to file and decorating dishes, because it greatly affects the appearance of the food.

Try to use the secrets of the chefs that cooked food you become more like the food cooked in the restaurant. But remember that it is not important. The main thing that your dishes liked your family.

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