Blue Collar (15 photos)

What will it be - the Russian "blue-collar" 2010s?
To answer this question, the correspondent of "PP" visited PTU-87 Moscow city with invigorating called Elektrostal.

This or That

 - A Zykina and Gagarin?

 - Lord, do they, too?

Director of the vocational school №87 Elektrostal Larisa Stolyarskaya with pleasure star lists the names of those who in the beginning of the glorious path was in the usual "remesluhe." The head sweeps LSDshnaya picture: oily between turning and milling machines, labeled inventory numbers, the Volga River flows with a dazzling smile in suit and diamonds.

Densely populated, according to directories, Elektrostal met seclusion of a weekday morning. By inertia, I decided that everything in earnings in Moscow: an hour or so on the train - and you are in the nature reserve of the highest salaries in the country. But the first session of communication with local residents did not leave the capital's snobbery on my stone unturned: unlike many suburban cities in Elektrostal work there, and a lot of it. It employs three large industrial enterprises. Plant "Electrostal" - steelmaking, EZTM - heavy engineering, "Elemashzavod" - nuclear. On these three pillars, and everything is kept.

The city itself is divided into two parts by rail. According to the undertaken nowhere tradition, they are referred to as follows: That this one. And in this case, pronouns, like serfs gained value for the immutable proper name. If, for example, caretaker PTU-87 Alexander Ye heard on the phone I asked: "Where is your institution?" Replies, "on the side" - it does not mean that in this moment he is on this. The side - this is, but this - this. Wherever you are located. Why? This is a locally toponymic law. It's like "Ji Shi" - just remember, it's impossible to understand.

"Eighty-seventh" we chose at random, that is literally at random. Plunged the dart of darts, without looking at the list of vocational schools of the Moscow region. Caught in №87. Initial investigation showed that the winner of the draw - not moribund institution, abandoned to capitalism, but not exemplary with interactive whiteboards in classrooms - is in the suburbs and such miracles. School was so, what the majority in the country - ordinary.

Cute appendix

Porch pleased with the announcement of who is prepared: electrician, car mechanic, machine operator generalist, welder, carpenter, carpenter, pastry chef, Cashier, dealer foodstuffs, secretary-typist.

With this seemingly modest start in life strong contrast blue spruces that were planted near the facade. So the Kremlin in appearance, it seems: a moment more, and you will meet the President or the Secretary General, God forbid.

Headmistress first thing leads to breakfast. Reports that a vocational school for students in all the food is free. Wash your hands requires. Equally strict - and me and the girls with skis returning from exercises. Breakfast - is but the prelude to dinner. In turn, lunch - at the heart of all local coordinate systems. That reference point in space and time, do not be that, there would not be all that patriarchal uchilishchnogo world order: "Now have breakfast, before lunch will be three hours. Then we descend to look at production workshops, and once in the dining room. Let's go - and we will have to wait on a group lesson sellers Cashier ».


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