The unique properties of a forgotten blueprints

Scientists have proven that the drug methylene blue can improve attention and short-term memory. In the experiment conducted at the University of Texas, researchers found that methylene blue, which is popularly known as methylene blue, in low doses, acts on the parts of the brain responsible for working memory and attention.

20 people, ranging in age from 22 to 62 years were made functional magnetic resonance imaging, after which they were introduced small dose of methylene blue. The control group was introduced, placebo. Within hours, researchers monitored the blood flow of the subjects. Then fMRI was repeated.

In the course of the study revealed interesting data. When performing tasks on the reaction rate blue in small doses, increased activity in the insular region. As you know, this area of the brain responsible for emotions.

During the execution of tasks on the memory of methylene blue helped to increase the activity of those parts of the brain responsible for processing memories, sensory information. The participants of the experiment, which introduced the drug, 7% more often gave correct answers.

Methylene blue – a drug, which has a redox activity and decontamination. Currently, methylene blue is used in the treatment of methemohlobinemia and stomatitis.published




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