10 summer movies you need to watch with the kids

Cinema can help us to better understand their children. We have selected ten films that, according to psychologists, it is worth watching all the parents and guardians of children - from preschoolers to teenagers.

1. Wild dog Dingo (1962), USSR, 16+

The film is based on the novel Reuben Fraerman. Is the case when you say "a story for all times". The film is the mesmerizing depth of the plot, a great cast, high quality photography.

Tania sabaneeva never saw his father only read him the letter, "about the mysterious country Maroseyka". And in her far Eastern town is transferred to the service of the missing parent, Colonel. He comes along with his new wife and adopted son, Kolya. That is called brother is destined to awaken in the heart of Tanya a vortex of complex and contradictory feelings.

2. Was a dog on the piano (1978), USSR, 12+

Who doesn't like fun movies Grammatikov, such as "opposite" or "moustached nurses". "It was a dog on the piano" — the picture is even more delightful: bright, kind, moderately naive and a little sentimental. The film is based on the story of Victoria Tokareva "Unromantic people" — a great piece on the age peculiarities of adolescent girls.

Like all young ladies, Tanya Kanareikina dreams of a Prince. But where to find it in the country of Bersenevka? So Tanya begins to think of his life. Penned her love with the pilot Komarov bothers to notice that the happiness is very close. But in love with the neighbor Bear still managed to find a way to a girl's heart.

3. Whisper of the heart (1995), Japan, 12+

Like all works that had a hand in the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, this cartoon is a true masterpiece. The picture will be interesting for both children and adults: a heartfelt story about finding yourself, the anxiety associated with the choice of life and life itself, in which there is always room for a miracle.

Serious and romantic Shizuku Tsukishima, a high school student, voraciously reads books, writes poetry, knows how to talk to cats and see the amazing in the ordinary. Once the girl notices that every book that interests her, have read a Seiji Amasawa. Shizuku decides to find the mysterious stranger with whom she had so much in common. Someone tell me where to find love, and yourself. Only the barely audible whisper of the heart!

4. October sky (1999), USA, 6+

The film is based on real events: teenager Homer Hickam, the son of a miner, was deeply impressed by the space breakthrough of the Soviet Union and decided to create his own rocket. The action takes place in 1957, in the tiny mining town of America. The boy will need to undergo a lot of tests to go against your father, survive the vicious taunts of peers. However, even unrealistic dreams are possible if you believe, anywhere without turning, move to the goal!

The film is about this ability to dream and to live my dream, to fall and to rise again. The ability to live flourishing in adolescence, often after a deep shock, after exploring the dazzling feat, achievement, discovery. Perhaps the picture will be for your child this is the initial impulse?

5. The kid (2000), USA, 12+

What do you think would happen if you looked at yourself through the eyes of the current 8-year-old? You'd like what you saw? Remember your dreams, plans, cherished words: "Here I am an adult and even then...".

The film portrays just such a meeting through time itself. Hero Bruce Willis meets himself-kid and rethink your own life. "I'm 40 years old, I'm not a pilot, I have no dog and I'm not married!" — that doesn't sound very inspiring. So, it's time to do the work on the bugs.

6. Charlie and the chocolate factory (2005), USA, 6+

What is a summer without this tale? The story of our fascinating and alluring, like a sweet-smelling chocolate. For a mysterious factory where no foot of man invited five children, the lucky holders of Golden tickets. Among them, the boy Charlie from a poor family, the only who can survive... the adventures of children in the Willy Wonka factory — it's not just the atmosphere of miracles and fulfilled fantasies, this is a clear demonstration of how the vices are ruining our lives, and good thoughts and actions create sweet, just the same chocolate the future.

However, to call the picture is only a fairy tale impossible. And plenty of black humor (sometimes too black, so impressed with the teenagers), intellectual-aesthetic stuff like Jogging one of the characters on TV and even subtle misanthropy. Brilliant johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter complete the list of the highlights, attracting the masterwork audiences of all ages.

7. Have dreams will travel (2007), USA

The film is able to turn everything inside to develop in the soul something incredibly important, to get to see the world through the eyes of a new person. Relaxed pace, a fascinating story, deep wisdom, sounding from the mouth of children with the force and freshness which only happens in childhood.

1960-ies, TX. Twelve-year-old boy lives in a dysfunctional family, dignity experiencing the loneliness and dreaming of becoming a baseball player. But the boy's family decides to shelter the orphan, Casey, and the world Ben flipped. Teenagers run away, the goal of the tour — Baltimore. Across the country and the whole life they will carry their friendship and reverent true love.

8. Twelfth summer (2008), Russia, 12+

The domestic film brought together a collection of awards: Ivan Tushino for the best children's role, the recognition pattern "best film for family viewing" in "Artek" and Grand Prix "Golden Swan" from the festival of children's and youth films.

The life of a twelve year old village boy Misha is shown as a continuous movement. Bear runs to meet his father coming out of work, flying to the river to swim and to rescue comrades, rushes into the woods to cool a flaming heart in love. Oh, not enough bike! But large families Mishkin money to spare, then, is to assemble the bike yourself! And then there's love and there are so many events in this fantastic, crazy twelfth summer!

9. The social network (2010), USA, 12+
The picture of the creation of the popular social network Facebook. Entertaining set forth the biography of the legendary Mark Zuckerberg since his training at Harvard University. Difficult time when the Brand was rejected by the girl, was for him a turning that led to the birth of a unique tool for communication.

The film demonstrates what differs a genius from a clever businessman who wants to earn extra money. The inventor of the world by his word, he is excited by his idea, he "can not do". And with the same permanence as the clash of air fronts leads to a storm, the appearance of genius causes explosions of anger, envy, rejection. At the same time the film makes you wonder about the origins of Internet communication: on the latent sociopathy, narcissism, fear of reality.

10. It is expected the Mistral (2014), France
Initially, the film was released under the name "the Board of the Mistral". The Mistral is a cold North wind, pollinating olive trees on the Mediterranean coast of France. Apparently, it symbolically alludes to the hero Jean Reno is a harsh grandfather, who quarreled with his entire family, and therefore never saw grandchildren. But life takes its toll: three children desperately need somewhere to leave all summer, and better company than my own grandpa, two teenagers and a deaf baby is not found.




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So, summer is in gorgeous Provence. Wonderful views as the backdrop to a clash of two generations: such different and such similar such need each other. Sometimes it's worth the whirlwind of mutual discontent, quips and insults, to truly appreciate the warmth that it gives only the family hearth.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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