Lviv Museum of Beer

How many times was in Lviv, but go to the local museum of brewing somehow did not work, then there was no time, then something else, and a lover of the current production of Lviv brewery I am not, so I do not particularly drawn.

But this time I decided to go, still Ukraine's first museum of beer after all, and I must say was not disappointed. Restaurant is quite a decent and interesting.

Located on the street Kleparovskoy, 18. flows through the plant and accompanied by museum staff get inside (without a guide roam the territory of the plant is not allowed). The cost of visiting the museum, plus a tasting of two beers (1715 and unfiltered) - 15 UAH per person. Possible without tasting, then the ticket will cost 10 USD :) Inside the museum's six rooms, with a total area of ​​600 square meters, which contains exhibits that tell the history of brewing in Lviv, in addition to the "program of visits" also included a ten-minute film about the brewery. Here's what a brewery outside:

And on such a machine before transported beer:

The museum is combined with a bar, so after the tour if not enough beer tasting can be immediately and continue :)

Below - a bar!


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