Such women even in 40 years - girls! Beauty, over which time has no power.

Female 40 - again a girl. The girl, who has seen a lot, rethink everything in its own way and cleared. It is free from the excesses inherent in teenagers, free from errors that so often make the young. It is no longer plagued by prejudices and stereotypes - she finally realized that I should not try to conform to someone, and live your life!

This has its own, private life, which she has always secretly dreamed of - has already come. There is room for new hobbies, interesting and useful studies, people who really appreciate this wise woman with the character of the girl. All what she feared for 40 years already occurred to her - life is not always presents nice gifts. Now there is nothing more to be afraid of, it is safe step into a new world. Nothing has changed around - but it has changed the very essence of a woman, she sees everything with fresh eyes; updated, it clings to any beauty around and looking for inspiration in it. This inspiration makes the woman herself, a girl madly attractive to others.

career, success, a favorable social situation - it all stopped caring girl awakened. She knows that the most important people - a number, and not sprayed on those who do not deserve her attention and care. As before, she appreciates others. But more interesting, she finally learned to appreciate myself! Appreciate yourself completely and unconditionally. She loves her body just the way it is, with all the features. This quiet, calm self-love and confidence in their own attractiveness disarms - a woman admired by many, and takes it for granted. She knows that external beauty is impossible without inner harmony and self-discipline, it has come to this, having tried a thousand methods to become more beautiful ...

Finally, she felt that such uncontrolled laughter and how you can be relaxed in the company of strangers. The DC voltage that haunted her all these years, it does not matter. She did not attend the silly idea of ​​plastic surgery - that a woman is happy with her body works better diets and gyms. Introducing new and new horizons of this beautiful world, she still has time, not in a hurry, enjoying every moment. It's time to wear different outfits that she likes it, she does not aspire to the impersonal fashion. Woman 40 knows what she likes, because experiencing happiness from the most simple things.

She can tell anyone the secret of joy and beauty is already there within every human being. You do not need to invent and seek. But - and this makes her honor - grown wise woman does not give advice or teach one of life ... What would she do - yoga, painting, cooking, embroidery - all part of herself. The woman knows how to be a girl, touching and tender at the same time it has an amazing wisdom that come with a variety of life experiences. Age has no more influence on her, and she shines, showing everyone how to win time.

Eternal youth - it's part of you. Live your life.

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