Forget harmful snacking! Crispy oatmeal - better than any of chips!

This unusual recipe is amazing in its simplicity and accessibility. All you need - a little ordinary oatmeal and sugar. Do you think it is hardly possible to cook oatmeal perfect crunchy snack? Do not make hasty conclusions. One has only to try it again, and a plate with magical flakes lodge you in the kitchen. This dish is addictive as well as chips and sunflower seeds, but it is much more useful. Do not procrastinate, do an amazing snack as soon as you read the recipe. You'll be amazed how it is delicious!


  • oatmeal - 2 cups;
  • sugar - half a cup;
  • nuts, raisins, dried fruits - on request. dry pan oatmeal and sugar. Heat the pan, reduce heat to medium. Roasted cereal with sugar, stirring constantly, until they acquire a golden, slightly brownish tint. Sugar should be slightly melted, but make sure that it does not burn started.

    Siltings flakes in a beautiful vase - hrustyashki ready! Wonderful plate with Hrustik in the kitchen will save you in times when you want something sweet, but it's a pity to spoil the shape. Oatmeal is very useful because, well Hrustik turn out low-calorie.

    This dish is much tastier than store muesli. If you add to Hrustik raisins, nuts or dried fruit favorite - will simply delicious! Nuts, incidentally, also can fry with flakes - snack will more fragrant.

    Good idea - to give roasted cereal child to school. Children behind the ears will not drag on like sweets, but it can be replaced awful chips and crackers, so that students love to buy.

    Oatmeal, what you did not know her: the Hrustik break the stereotype of a useful, but not too tasty oatmeal. As such, it will appeal to all! Tell a friend about this incomparable recipe, let crunch on health.

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