Devote 5 minutes a day of this exercise, and you are surprised by the results!

Planck - it's a great exercise for those who do not have much time for training. It is complex and quite simple, with easy to help pump up almost all muscle. Home is your goal - to perform it correctly. This exercise has many benefits. We have described only five major that will convince you in its use and convenience. Try to run the bar at least once, it will take quite a bit of your time.


1. It involved almost all the muscle groups.

During the exercise almost all the muscles tense up your body. As a result, you get your hands tightened, a strong back, a beautiful news, shapely legs and firm buttocks.
2. Low risk of injury.

Planck - a safe way to build muscle. During this exercise your spine and muscles are protected from possible injury. Before making desirable little warm. Perform a pair of circular motions with his hands and a couple of sit-ups.

3. Train anywhere.

Bracket can be done anywhere, anytime, even while traveling or in an environment where very little space. You do not need to use any special equipment, and spend a lot of time to class.

4. Improved body balance and coordination.

If you do this exercise regularly, you can significantly improve the body balance and coordination. If the muscles of your body are weak, then you will be hard to keep the balance when needed.
5. Align posture.

The best exercises to correct posture with weak muscles of the back is a strap. You can change a little bit this exercise, focusing not on the elbows and the palm, like push-ups on the floor, then the load will be less.

How well do the bar? 1. All of your body from head to foot must be on the same level and form a straight line. Loins can neither bend or arch.
2. Put Your good socks on the floor. They need to be in front of your heels.
3. Position your elbows directly below the shoulders.
4. Squeeze your buttocks, legs and abdomen.
5. The need to stand up as long as you will not fall. Then make a break for 2 minutes and repeat. 5 sets will be enough.

It is important to perform the exercise strap every day and preferably at the same time. We wish you success in your sporting endeavors.

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