The great power of words: phrases that generate disease.

There are words and phrases that cause disease, yet we use them every day in his speech. You say that this is foolishness. But the German psychotherapist nossrat peseschkian in their study proved that this is true. Below is a list of expressions that directly affect the human organs and causing disease. Hard to believe that the seemingly innocuous words can hurt so much. As soon as you notice them in his speech, and cease to use, you will leave many ailments.

List of phrases that give rise to the disease:

«take to heart» em>, «blow to the heart» em>, «heart breaks» em>, «heart contracts» em> become a cause of cardiovascular disease.

«fed up» em>, «I'm sick of this» em>, «tired nauseam» em> cause anorexia nervosa.

«Tired to death» em>, «do not belong to myself» em>, «something bane» em> provoke cancer.

«to carry the cross» em>, «to put someone on the neck» em>, «to throw everything on his shoulders» em> can cause degenerative disc disease.

«caustically» em>, «samoedstvo» em>, «detest someone» em> become a cause of peptic ulcer disease.

Those who are plagued by the disease of the liver and gallbladder, should pay attention to the expression: «to life honey did not seem» em>, «life - not sugar» em>, «bitter I » em>.

«overlap oxygen» em>, «sneeze wanted» em>, «to find an outlet» em> provoke lung problems.

«Breaking the head» em>, «to beat my head against the wall» em>, «head hurts from something» em> cause headaches.

«Sitting in the kidney» em>, «urine hit in the head» em>, «no strength to endure» em> provoke urological diseases.

«Steam release» em>, «patience is exhausted» em>, «give heat» em> cause hypertension.

Phrases demolition hearing: «shut» em>, «shut up» em>, «keep your mouth shut», em> «and do not tell" em>, «I do not want to listen to you» em> and so on.

«The light is not nice» em>, «eyes to mine you have not seen» em>, «scary look» em>, «Despite what" em> can lead to problems with vision.

«Enrages» em>, «batters» em>, «shakes» em>, «patience is exhausted» em> cause depression.

It seems to us that we use a capacious metaphor, but they masked a hidden meaning. No matter who you adresuesh their imprint still remains in you. Get rid of the word-breakers!

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