22 recommendations for all who are preparing for the flight. The information that you save nerves and money!

Travel - it's always fun! But the advantages of the new experiences and cheerful mood quickly thwarted cons associated with various disadvantages. Airport - a place where you can easily get lost and get your dose of adrenaline. Long lines, strange staff and delay the flight - quite a frequent phenomenon. Read these tips are designed to make your flight the most successful. Some of them may be precious in crucial moments!

1. Always have a spare bags with buckles purse. They need to pack cosmetics and bottles of liquids - in which case they will allow to take the plane. These bags can be useful in different situations.

2. If you really need to take a drink, you can freeze it. In this case, allow the liquid to carry on board.

3. Nuts, crackers, cereals and bars with candy will be useful to you at the airport. Remember: there is food sold for a large profit.

4. Empty bottle - a necessary thing in a way. Taking it with you, you will be provided with drinking - just call to drinking water at the airport after passing the checkpoint.

5. If you fly often, it is very convenient to buy a special certificate that will allow you to relax between flights in the VIP-zone of the airport. Take an interest about a staff member airlines.

6. Always keep your passport and tickets in a separate pocket or compartment, it is - the most important part of your luggage. Follow passport check for it!

7. Waiting areas can be different in value. Remember the human factor: if you want to get there for a short time, not necessarily to pay the full amount for the full day. You can ask an employee to demonstrate sensitivity, dropping you there for a couple of hours for less pay. Instead, write his gratitude in a special book.

8. Many airlines organize special promotions for those who recently got married, and birthdays. Feel free to learn more about them - discount nobody has prevented!

9. Worried about the weight of your luggage? Before you take control, get dressed in the most difficult things - clothes, especially the top, sometimes weighs a lot. After passing the checkpoint disguise the toilet, again hiding heavy things in the bag.

10. If you are very poorly tolerated flights, buy a plane ticket, which flies in the evening. You fall asleep and did not even notice how you get to your destination!

11. Do not rush to throw cosmetics and personal hygiene products in small upakovochke, which are part of a hotel suite. These jars are perfect for the trip, it is very easy to use and compact.

12. Avoid long queue can be if you are in a hurry: we need only to register in a particular place and checkpoints to go much faster. Do not miss this opportunity to ask staff where it can be done.

13. Keep the laptop and other equipment in a separate bag.

14. If the end of the URL, add "? .jpg ยป, WI-FI is free. At least, there is a legend.

15. If you wear contact lenses on a journey should wear glasses. The eyes will not dry up, the risk of eye infection is reduced to a minimum.

16. A light sweater or scarf should always be in your bag - temperature changes behind should not spoil your mood.

17. Always take with wet wipes! Wipe their hands and face is very convenient.

18. The line is always longer than the right - most people are right-handed and turn right. Try to go to the left, and you'll see - there are fewer people.

19. Litter his suitcase bright ribbon or sticker - so it is easier to find among similar suitcases.

20. Battery charger with battery - a very useful thing that will help you keep in touch and do not depend on the outlets.

21. Taxis are always worth more than right next to the airport. If you really want to use this service, it is best to call a taxi, ask the locals Room.

22. Download the Google Maps in advance if you know that the access to the Internet will not, and the map is very necessary.

These tips are simple, but they can make your trip more comfortable. Once in a difficult situation at the airport, ask for help from employees or more advanced travelers. Airport - only system created for your convenience, thanks to which you can travel. It should work for you!

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