How to spend the summer is bright, but sparingly: 20 habits for a better life.

Summer is synonymous with carefree times. The sun, a minimum of clothing, vacation, fresh fruit and berries, bathing in ponds of various shapes and sizes! And this is only a little part of what makes us happy is the hottest time of the year. It would be saving time to be able to turn off all the problems that you care about, and simply do not think about them. But this is unrealistic - the holiday of the summer goes on, but also worries remain. This summer can rightly be called a crisis. We are reaping the fruits of past tragic events, trying to get out of a difficult situation by all possible means. One way to improve this summer - to learn how to save. Never lose hope for a better life!


Cheap things in times of crisis are sold out immediately. The more the cheap stuff you buy, the more you want to continue to buy it. It is better to buy one thing, albeit more expensive. For example, Mark Zuckerberg em> adores appearing on critical meetings in the same T-shirt. It is not steamed! One thing better quality expensive pile of belongings acquired second-hand, it was and always will be. This thesis is not only clothes.


In summer you can do a minimum of clothes, in the summer heat. Summertime - grace. You can give up many purchases without much damage. Advertise your home area summer minimalism throw unnecessary things and stop to buy something without which it is possible to do.


It happens: you get to the store where you like everything. And then, and this is ... Do not rush to drag the clothes to the fitting room - better to make another circle around the room, and just attach your favorite things to yourself, look in the mirror. The longer you walk around the store, the less you will like the things that once seemed so enticing. It is a shame to leave with anything from the store, spending on fitting things 2:00. Come try on everything and deliberately come near to their actions. Cosmetics to buy, pre-reading reviews about it on the internet - believe me, not all gold that glitters.


An important point: expensive - not always good. Very often you buy products more expensive and thus overpay for a famous brand. Well you can see this in the example of conventional detergents for dishes: some more expensive simply because it is better advertised, and the composition does not differ from cheap analogues absolutely nothing. Analyze their purchases, afford to buy the same thing at a lower price.


Canteen! What's entourage, now an echo of the past. In your city a lot of table - in the universities, in the factory building, institutional ... Walk to your health! Explore this issue - where the dining rooms, how they work, listen to reviews of ordinary mortals. There's considerably cheaper than the cafe, and the food comes very tasty. It's even cute - to go with a friend into the dining room, it's an adventure that will save you a lot of money!


Buying water in large bottles will save your money. In summer, all thirsty, but infinitely buy water in small bottles - means to harm themselves. Wholesale cheaper to order more bottles of water on the house and carry with them a nice bottle for a drink.


Home party - the output for those who are aware of what a solid amount of money is spent on cocktails at the club and other delights of holidays on Fridays. Cooperate with friends and organize gatherings unforgettable home. In this case - the spiritual, the cheaper.


Medicines in our pharmacies are often sold at a price not commensurate with their composition. Buy drug is as effective, but with less cost - find out more about that necessarily. Save significantly on any medication! Aspirin and aspirin - are one and the same, and the price for them is characterized by almost 2 times.


Without shopping technology can not do that if the washing machine broke, no new nothing. Before you go and buy in the supermarket equipment, learn more about it on the Internet. Trust is not that broadcasts your advertising - in times of crisis, people always want to cash in on each other. Read testimonials from those who have already bought a similar product, and can do about some practical observations.


Keep an eye on how much money you spend on the internet per month, look for the best deals. Exploring the market price of Internet service providers, you can dig this freebie, compared to how much you spend money for access to the web today.


Getting up early in the summer - this is logical. The heat has not started yet, it's time to do important things. For those who are engaged in fitness, summer morning - the proper training. Before getting up, you no longer have time for a day and saves time. The morning awakening can even save money: the prices for tickets to the swimming pool and fitness room on the morning usually cheaper.


This secret information, but you should know it. Some paid apps exist in the free version! Watch Internet sites that disseminate information relevant to you applications, there you will find them for free.


If you were going to go on a course to learn a foreign language, you are to be congratulated. Money in excess! After all courses are currently cheap. If you have a sincere desire to learn any language, you can do it successfully on their own. There are many useful sites, such as, Duolingo em>. Watch foreign TV shows subtitles - real school of life and proper language learning.


If you now do not even dare to think about your own car, it does not mean that it you never will. Driver skills in life always come in handy! In addition, driving school is able to perfectly replace the active forms of recreation, which is now no money. Spend time pleasant and useful! In hard times, we must try to get better and learn new things - and then around the world are gradually transformed.


When you pay the card, you spend more. Of cash you can always hold in their hands and counted, while the e-money - a ghost ... You do not have time to recover, and how to spend 2 times more than planned. Withdraw money from the card and already operates them - so much cheaper.


After walking around the city in unusual places, you can find a lot of interesting! Shops offers a soaking, scenic spots where you can go for a walk, mysterious gyms with penny subscriptions, a hairdressing salon in which the action takes place ... the list goes on himself.


Things that you do not need them, can be very interesting to someone! Internet allows you to sell what you need without: Do not miss this chance. Collected works of Marcel Proust, for example, for you may mean nothing, but for casual friend is your friend - a whole treasure for him ... and he is willing to pay.


Blinders - these are the plates that cover the horse's review. They make it look just the way and not turn from his goal. The store puts on imaginary blinders - they will protect from buying unnecessary things. It helps to list: following clear objectives, you will not be distracted by the seductive stuff.


Cheap food - something with which you should be careful. Gain weight, those who are greedy for cheap pasta and ground meat of unknown origin for a ridiculous price. Your health is more expensive - if you eat properly, then have the money to spend on drugs! And at the gym and sauna - your body will react immediately to the substandard products with additives and trans fats unpleasant weight gain.


If you're not sure whether to buy something, to lay down the money set aside for this product, into a special bank. Keep them there for a week - during which time you accurately determine whether you spend money on this thing. The likelihood that you will save a good amount of money is great.

Let this summer will be held for you as pleasant in all respects! Try to look at some things from a different angle, you can do it. Tell your friends about how you can save money, especially not limiting yourself!

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