10 effective life hacking, which will prolong the life of your clothes and shoes.

When we buy things we liked, we hope that they will serve for a long time, but always unforeseen circumstances occur in patches or other issues that significantly shorten the life of our wardrobe. .cc today will try to save him, because our editors prepared 10 great tips that will extend the life of your clothes.

1. How to clean shoes
Just mix baking soda with detergent and go toothbrush dipped in this mixture, the white edging shoes or sneakers. You yourself will be greatly surprised by the result!

2. How fast can hang clothes on the rack
You need to reach out through the gates of the product, and then take in the hand hanger and stretch out your hand back. Voila!

3. How to make tights stronger
The arrow on the tights do not put you in an awkward situation, sprinkle a small amount of hair spray before leaving. Try it!

4. How to stop the arrow on tights
To hand did not go across the foot, just apply a little bit of nail polish on the edge of the hole or have an empty arrow.

5. Stretching new shoes
A new pair of shoes a little too tight? Then pour in 2 plastic bags of water and shove them inside the shoe. Then put a couple in a freezer overnight. Corn now you are not afraid!

6. To preserve the color of jeans
Each wash denim items are added to the washing machine a little vinegar. The same can be done during other dark wash products.

7. "Tab" under control
If a zipper in the pants constantly lost the tongue, secure it with a pin or key ring.

8. How to remove sweat stains on white clothes
You enough before washing process trouble spots with lemon juice.

9. Stains from red wine
Soda, white wine and salt are equally effectively remove stains from just spilled red wine on your clothes.

10. How to pass a string to a sports jacket
It is possible to pass from the wide tube for drinks. Proden lace in a straw, and then proden straw into the hole for the strap.

In this video you can see all of these tips are pretty clearly.

These tricks will be useful to everyone! And I guarantee that thanks to them, your clothes will last much longer! Use these tips yourself and share them with your friends!

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