These 13 tricks to help you forget about sugar. Hudey easy!

Sugar has become so familiar to us that his daily consumption, we do not even notice. Coffee with chocolate, tea pechenyushkoy, ice cream, juice, kvass ... It seems no sweets no longer live. If you are among those who can not imagine my life without sugar in any of its manifestations, is the time to rethink their values. In this article, we will tell you not only about the dangers of "sweet death" (sounds scary, right?), But also on how to get rid of sugar addiction. Read, will not be bored!

What is so bad sugar?
  • cause tooth decay;
  • suppresses the immune system;
  • increases the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease;
  • reduces the release of growth hormone, which accelerates the aging process;
  • does not bring a feeling of fullness - after one croissant or slices of chocolate vsë still want more, but it is fraught with not only obesity, but also problems with the stomach. 's amazing, but the dependence on sugar is akin to drug addiction. If you are difficult to overcome temptation and a couple of days to give up sweet - it's time to sound the alarm. Now we will talk about the simple and safe for the health of techniques that help to easily give up sugar.

    1. Eat regularly
    If you there are big breaks between meals - in the blood sugar level drops, comes the feeling of hunger, want sugary snacks. In order to maintain normal blood sugar, enough to stick to a fractional power or tightly to eat three meals a day plus two snacks do. Be sure to eat breakfast, include in your diet more protein (dairy products, cereals), fats (nuts, olive oil), fruits and vegetables.

    2. Cleanse the body of toxins
    If you spend detoxification, reduced craving for sweets as if by itself. How to quickly and safely carry out a purgation at home, read it here.

    3. Control your emotions
    Surely you do not just notice that the bad mood, anxiety or stress involuntarily direct your feet to the side of the refrigerator. If you belong to those who love "jam" their problems - immediately lift yourself up and look for a way to escape from the obsessive thoughts: meet friends, Have a favorite hobby, a walk in the park. If you do things you love, the desire to eat sweet disappears permanently.

    4. Reduce the amount of sugar-containing foods in the fridge
    Be sure to read the label before you buy and put in the refrigerator one or another product. It may be that the most innocuous at first glance, the product contains a large amount of sugar!

    5. Saturate the body with minerals
    Lack of minerals such as chromium, vanadium, magnesium and zinc, can increase the craving for something sweet. Include in your diet foods such as asparagus, cheese, bran, beans, almonds, mushrooms, oatmeal and wine.

    6. Get enough sleep
    Those who are going to maintain a healthy weight and give up sugar, lack of sleep is absolutely contraindicated. Fatigue not only makes people hungry, but also makes consume hundreds of calories more.

    7. Follow sweeteners
    Unfortunately, such "healthy sweets" as honey, maple syrup or molasses, also converted in the body into sugar. It is best to use stevia, although many of its taste seems specific.

    8. Not to abuse dried fruit
    Nobody argues that dried fruit is much healthier snack option than the cake. However, there should be careful: they also contain a lot of sugar. Watch the amount eaten dried fruits or replace them with fresh fruits.

    9. Do not keep sugary foods at home or in the office
    Do not buy harmful sugar products (cookies, chips, candy, ice cream) for future use. If you want the same vsë eat something harmful, then do it away from home. Do not let harmful products go through the door.

    10. Eat more vegetables
    Vegetables are rich in nutrients such as vitamins and fiber, which improves digestion, removes toxins and waste products, contribute to the normalization of weight. Do you want to eat carrot cake instead? It's about time!

    11. Drink 2 liters of water a day
    Adult recommended to drink at least two liters of pure water without gas per day. Just a few sips - and improve the body's metabolism, burn calories, hunger disappears. Try at least for some time to abandon the usual drinks such as soda, coffee, tea, in favor of clean water, and within a couple of days you will feel the result!

    12. Adds cinnamon
    Cinnamon reduces the desire to eat sweetly, improves the function of insulin in cells and helps to maintain the blood sugar level (see point 1).

    13. L-glutamine is used
    L-glutamine - an amino acid that is produced by the body and, in fact, are the building blocks of muscles. With this component is aligned blood sugar and craving for sweets passes. Receiving only one capsule under the tongue between meals can be a first step towards giving up sweets.

    If you follow our guidelines, dependence on sugar will be held in about a month. You will feel a pleasant burst of energy, lose weight, improve skin condition, you will become not only healthier, but also happier. Tell your friends about the benefits and how to quit sugar. Healthy and slim easily!

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