12 golden rules of healthy eating. Only good and nothing but good!

Proper and balanced diet - is the key to good health and a beautiful body. If you have long wanted to start only eat healthy food, but that you did not succeed, .cc has prepared for you 12 practical advice that will help you cope with it. By following these rules, you can speed up your metabolism, rid the body of toxins and cause the owl's body in shape. So, here are 12 tips that should be followed if you decide to become a supporter of proper nutrition!

Start small

You will be very difficult to implement all the rules of healthy eating in your life one day. So let's start step by step to develop new habits. If you decide to have a pound of fruits or vegetables a day, do not start right away with this amount, try a fruit or vegetable a day.

Bring a food diary

It is necessary to write down everything you consume in food. This will help not only to eat everything that has attracted, but also to follow the right diet.

count calories

Counting calories you can consume daily amount of food you need, and forget about what is overeating.

controls the size of portions

This will help you reduce the amount of food intake, and therefore, you will cease to have too much. For an adult portion should be the size of a palm.

Read the information on the package

Make sure that that the food you consumed as little as possible colors, preservatives, flavors and other substances that irritate taste buds and do not benefit the body.

Do not be afraid of fat

Healthy nutrition balanced diet is therefore necessary to use fats in food as well as carbohydrates and protein. Include in your diet fish, which are rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

Forget about fat-free products

These products are added substances that reduce the use of food. Instead, take a low-fat products with optimal fat and controls the portion.

Lean on fruits

It's no secret that fruit - a source of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and other nutrients that are vital to man.

included in the diet of whole grains

Eat foods high in complex carbohydrates, such as cereals and whole grain products. They improve the digestive system and include in its composition a large number of B vitamins

included in the diet vegetables

Vegetables are even more important for your health than fruit. They have a lot of fiber, which the body needs. Pay particular attention to green vegetables, that they contain the most nutrients.

Restrict salt intake

Better food seasoning various spices and sauces that will not bring harm to your body.

Get extra sugar

Instead, store buy juice fruits and berries and sugar in the Replace savory homemade jam or honey.

Follow these rules of healthy eating, and you can not only heal the body, but quickly bringest your body in shape. And share these tips with your loved ones!

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