How to forget the boyfriend ...

You sit at home all alone, unhappy and blubbered, and do not understand, how can you forget the guy you love most in the world. You know how to do it? To begin honestly answer the question: "Do I really want to forget and remember never-never?" If you come up obscure answers like "Time will tell ..." or "Well, maybe he will change and behave differently ... ", you want him to remember, and return, and that's another story! And if you firmly know that the "never-never", here's a practical guide for 2 weeks.

Day 1. Day of mourning
This day (only one !!!) you are allowed to feel sorry for yourself, weep bitter tears and shipping girlfriends until they are loaded to the eyeballs. Yes, it is terrible. Yes, with the departure of your boyfriend's life ended. And he's so beautiful (clever, funny ...) Gee-s-s-s !!! Listen to your favorite songs, watch your favorite movies, put on his sweater that you have lying around the house. And weep, weep, weep. Tears - a protective reaction of the body that gets rid of negative emotions.

Day 2. Rubbish overboard
Day of deliverance from all the things that remind you of him. What you need to collect all his clothes, CDs and books, which are still lying around in your house. And do not give him up, and throw away trash. It's a pity, of course, do not argue. But you do not want to return it, and forget it! And then if he will call and ask where his favorite Linkin Park, honestly say: "Emissions" and hang up. Yes, do not forget: joint romantic pictures - in the trash !!!

Day 3. Arommavanna

7 drops of rosemary oil, 7 pinches of salt, a whole tub of hot water. Climb into the bath, warm yourself properly, then took out the stopper. See how the water flows away, and it appears that all your joys and sorrows with her swim in the muddy rusty pipes. All! Cleaning procedures are completed. From tomorrow we begin a new life.

Day 4: The new old friend is better than two.
It is clear that to part with all the friends-friends who communicate with your ex - it's overkill. But for the first time need to minimize your chance meetings at parties. If you have friends that do not intersect (and maybe not at all familiar!) With ex-boyfriend, it's time to come together with them closer. So you kill two birds: firstly, not be confronted every day with a guy who is trying to forget. And secondly, you can not talk for days on end with the boy's friends, because they somehow do not know him!

Day 5. Energy hair
Nothing is more uplifting, as a new cool hairstyle! Sign up to a good master, and do not be afraid to experiment. Changed drastically and irrevocably!

Day 6: Ready, Set, Go!
When you exercise, the body releases "happy hormones" - endorphins. Winter gives you a completely unlimited possibilities - skates, skis, sled, snowboard ... And if that's not enough, jogging to the gym. The usual shaping and pick yourself something interesting: belly dance, samba and yoga.

Day 7: Eat to live
Surely you have a hundred years going to throw a couple of extra kilos, but the boyfriend of his beer, and Big Macs are constantly standing in your way. The good news is that now you do not interfere to monitor what you eat!

Day 8. brains
When the part with his beloved, the most difficult - is to stop thinking about him. The thought of it yourself climb in the head and get rid of them there is no way. The only way out - to schedule yourself so busy that there was not a minute to spare. So if you are still under the pretext of trying to shirk from the emotional experiences of study, now beris head. And sign up for a couple of new special courses, if possible.

Day 9. All that he hates
It may be that now is your relationship with your ex-boyfriend seem almost idyllic, but there are certain things that you love and do not like it. The guy is not digested when you staring at the ceiling, listening to Dima Bilan or three hours on the phone is bursting with girlfriends? So devoted a day that could never do if this guy was still your boyfriend!

Day 10. Seek job
Well, you learn to the fullest, and doing exercise? Do not take time off? But you is still an hour or so, to suffer memories of the treacherous boyfriend? Therefore, the load you still insufficient ... Look for a job! Many firms are happy to take students who can work two or three hours in the evening, when adult staff flee their homes. Position you will certainly be small and symbolic salary. But by the end of the Institute can boast of experience.

Day 11. Cushion of roses and all
Do you want to forget the old love and find a new one? Here's a tried and tested way of magic. Squeeze the juice of 6 lemons, wash their hands and pour the remains of the window (it is better to check to the windows at that moment there was no one?). Done! Over the next lunar month (28 days) you will meet a new love. And if you want to see his fate in a dream, take the petals of red roses, a piece of red cloth and a black thread. Sew fabric bag and the mound in his petals. Put the bag under your pillow and see their dreams carefully!

Day 12. Shopping, a very long shopping
Sport and diet have already given the first results? So, it's time to update your wardrobe. Pleasant new haircut may be just new clothes. Take it with a best friend and a run to the shops!

Day 13. Indescribable beauty!
If until now you did everything correctly, you are almost ready to be a fun party and show itself in all its glory, and not demonstrate universal sadness. Call to visit girlfriends and start to prepare for the solemn entrance. Manicure, pedicure, masks for all body parts and a make mad. Anything you wish!

Day 14. Your access
You're beautiful (if properly conducted days 5, 6, 7, 12 and 13), clever (if you do not take time off during the number 8, 9 and 10) and absolutely confident (say thank days 1, 2, 3, and 4) . Cry from the heart and do not forget to look around. After all, your betrothed can appear at any moment. The main thing is not to miss!


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