A racist decided to humiliate the black guy in the bar... that followed, awesome!

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Zenna-bar.co.irresist walked into a crowded bar. He looked around and saw a black guy sitting in the corner. A racist came to the bar, turned and said loudly:

I want to buy everyone in the bar free drinks! Bartender, drinks for my account to everyone except the black guy in the corner!

People began enthusiastically clapping and cheering, and the black guy raised his thumb up and said, "Thanks, buddy!»

Racist thought it was sarcasm. Although this reaction puzzled him, he didn't pay much attention to it.

The next night he came again to the bar and saw the same black guy. Racist again approached the bar and announced:

— The drinks are on me everyone but this black guy!

The crowd huddled in ecstasy — the visitors began to thank the racist and applaud him for the incredible generosity. When he bought the last glass, black guy again raised his thumb up and said, "Thanks, buddy!»

Racist scratched his head and asked the bartender:

I don't know why the black guy always thanks me? He's the only one I don't buy alcohol!

"Well," replied the bartender — maybe because he's the owner of this establishment?..

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