I wanted to make son a normal person, but it turned out... Epic story!

The website tells the story, overheard on the web. She's just amazed. Story told by a friend who sysadmins in the firm for the sale of some commercial equipment.

Firm average, the salary is good, team of normal, the Director is quite adequate. All was peace and quiet, until the latter came up with the "brilliant" idea to attach his son. Of course, the son of the chief may not hold some position of a Manager, driver, laborer, so he was immediately appointed leader.

The staff was very afraid that the newcomer will behave like the stereotypical "son of boss" will bloat cases will all be dismissed, will drive the Department in a far and deep place. But as it turned out, he showed no signs of majorstua, were just nihilists. The work did not interest him at all. Came to lead, and eventually hear from him:

— You know how we have to work? Great, that work.


I don't know what to do.

The former head of talks, actually does all the work for him, shows what you need.

OK, got it.

The next day:

I don't know what to do...

Almost always he came by taxi, sleepy, pale, is clearly a sleepless night... In those days, the main part of the job was stupidly laying on the couch in the office. But he was much more useful because when the guy tried to work he did or the jamb on the jamb, either one large shoal.

Suffered the oversight of his employee — in addition to his work, he had to check and sometimes to redo everything that worked son. To teach tried everything, but the process was very tight: the guy half an hour prodding at the computer with the mouse, then climbed into contac and watched pictures and TV shows. After arrangements were returning to a half-hour to the running process, which again did not go. Conversations, entreaties, threats had no effect. He resembled a typical student who is trying to make to learn the lessons.

The complaint to the Director that his child is incredibly lazy, have had the opposite effect — son is by definition a genius and a firm hope, and then blame the brainless employee who is unable to properly explain and show. After the Mat and reprimands employees son was transferred from one Department to another.

The son messed up even where, in principle, even for an Expat who doesn't speak Russian, which gestures what to do. It would seem, to score in the program data and send them for processing can anyone call the sales Department and confirm the order is also not so difficult. But no! The epic: brought documents to sign (just sign it!) — signed, only the first sheet from the pack and left.

This "fermentation son's company" lasted six months, but whether in the forest somebody died a large, or impatient, but once again the Director could not resist and began to yell at innocent employees, and finally at his son. After a tirade about the mental abilities of it, or rather, lack thereof, the Director said:

You're fired, go where you want, do what you want!

The son answered:

— Finally be able to do the normal thing and not this year****M.


— Well, let's see who you will be in a year, I look on your Mercedes and a house on the ruble.


A year later, somehow razgovoryi in the Smoking room with the Director about life. Asked about his son. He replied:

Yeah went to some f**in Russia, working for pennies a doctor.


— Yes, he always wanted to be a doctor, even in the med did, but I talked to the firm and have arranged to work to crazy picked up. And he still worked nights, or a nurse, or even a veterinarian... And wanted to make him a normal person, but it turned out...

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