17 feelings that you have to forget

There are feelings that cause you discomfort, and, moreover, can harm your life. They destroy your relationships, your inner comfort, confidence, and motivation. In today's article, I suggest that you consider these feelings, to celebrate those who have found themselves, and to do everything to forget them. So, 17 feelings that you have to forget.


1. The sense of faith in the ideal.

In the world nothing is perfect. It's impossible. All you can do even better. Without the absence of the unavailable reference no striving for perfection. Otherwise degradation.

2. The feeling of loneliness.

This feeling unproductive, hence it is laziness. Laziness is a lack of desire. No desire can only be alone. It's a paradoxical feeling.

3. A sense of importance.

You're not important. The important thing is what you can be useful to others. And Vice versa.

4. The feeling that you someone something is required.

Anyone you don't owe anything since birth. With the exception of yourself. It is a fact. It is impossible to challenge.

5. A sense of expectation.

Don't wait for anyone or anything, if it has not already happened. Look for new ways, other possibilities. Have a different plan. To wait — a lot lazy.

6. The feeling that you someone have something.

No you do not have to. With this logic you are someone something is required. And you're do not obligated to?

7. A sense of despair.

Forget it. Only euphoria. Only pleasure. Do what you want, not what you want, what would you do, other. There are no two identical life experiences. The experience is always unique.

8. The feeling of fear.

Fear and self-preservation are different things. While you are afraid, you do nothing. Inaction is laziness. Laziness is loneliness. You know the rest.

9. The feeling that someone is right.

Until proven are all lies.

10. A sense of failure.

Man train. Everything and always. If it is not — it's not human.

11. The feeling that life is passing me by.

12. A sense of responsibility.

It's not supposed to be feeling. It must be a fact.

13. Resentment.

No offense. It's just people. It's their job to fail you.

14. A sense of shame.

If you did everything correctly, you should not be ashamed. If someone did something not right — no offense. Shame you only replace that feeling.

15. The feeling of love.

Learn to forget about him at least sometimes. It distracts you from what's really important. In this world there is ideal. Remember?

16. Feeling of lack of choice.

Choice doesn't exist. If it is not — not to choose.

17. A sense of panic.

Remember. We'll die anyway. And while you're alive —
get rid of all the excess.published


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