Control of the senses, and caring for others.

There are two main qualities that according to the law of the universe should strive to develop at a man:
Control of the senses, and caring for others.
Without any of these qualities a man can not reach their full potential. And this means that nothing really will not be able to achieve in life.
What is the control of the senses? Control of the senses suggests that the man does not go on about the emerging desires. He checks them through the mind and decides whether they are appropriate. This does not mean that the man does not show feelings. Without them, everything will become monotonous and boring. That's feelings fill our life and give it a taste. However, the behavior of men they should not play a leading role.

It allows a man to control emotions accumulate thin psychic power (shakti sages call it), through which it can influence the external circumstances. If a man does not know how to control the senses, he did not really achieve in life. Maybe someone does not agree with this statement, but that is the nature of male energy.
The purpose of monitoring the senses is not self-torture. Man controls the feelings that find inner integrity. This is the "point of its inner assembly." Any man can easily understand it, remembering the feeling he felt when for the sake of achieving overcame obstacles encountered. This -chuvstvo winner: "I was able to achieve this goal!" And it brings great inner satisfaction. Is not that right?
And what a feeling experienced man, when the lives, all the while indulging their desires? Internal frustration and guilt.
Control of the senses allows a man to accumulate inner strength. But where should he spend it?

Purpose men - social mission. At its heart should be on fire of aspiration to achieve something in the world and benefit others. And without this no man's fire! There is only a hint and unfinished look. A man is given a specific task to life. And it is to accomplish it mind men detached from the senses and is close to mind. Through the power of the mind man is able to focus on the goal, rather than go over the endless desires. A man must achieve something in the world, to do something useful for others. If a man wants to live in spite of this problem, will destroy your life. He had never experienced a real joy and happiness.


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