The first meet the parents. How to behave?

Many girls, when you hear the phrase "parents" in any context, lose their composure, blush, turn pale and do other unreasonable things. The fact that in-female environment there is the misconception that the parents of the guy – very scary, certainly hostile and angry.
First of all, no need to be nervous. If your boyfriend expressed a desire to acquaint you with his parents, then this is a sure sign that your relationship is important to him. He is serious about you and you should be happy and not to panic.

There are a couple of simple rules by which you can easily appeal the parents of the guy and leave a good impression from acquaintance with them.
Don't be late for an appointment. No woman does not tolerate tardiness. She, too, like you, will be worried before the meeting, so no need to keep her waiting. Better come early for 5 minutes.
Buy mom a small bouquet of flowers or candy. It's sure will please her, she will see that you – a caring girl, thought about it and came up with nothing. But the jewelry wholesale is not what you want from you parents man.

Act natural. Your statements about what you, the student, have an active social life, run, swim, and other your strengths will only pick out the flaws of their son in front of their parents. Don't be obsessive, if you ask about the school or sporting achievements, then say honestly and briefly. Better ask mom about her wonderful son how he chose a UNIVERSITY or after high school.
Keep a neat appearance. Cover piercings and tattoos, do not wear short skirts and tight tops. You don't need to look old fashioned and ugly clothes, she just needs to be neat and closed.
Be kind and hold back expression. Better tell me about what you have a good cat and how it is similar to the cat of the parents of your loved one. Be polite, do not argue and do not interrupt. Today it is better to listen, than talking. Moreover, the parents will surely appreciate your zeal to help set the table or clean the dishes.

And now the main rule! It can not be broken when meeting boyfriend's parents: do not allow your guy to kiss and hug myself at the parents. It irritates them, they don't know you, you came to their house, and already so freely behave. Be humble.
By the way, this evening you will be treated as a future wife of his son.

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