Unusual eggplant recipe: a dish with a twist!

Eggplant - a very useful and no less tasty vegetable that can both add a special charm to any savory food and refreshments to be independent. Today has prepared for you a special recipe of eggplant. The whole point of this dish is that it is not only the eggplant, and dried mushrooms, due to which he is not distinguished from vegetable mushrooms. Men just do not razlichat these two products, while the women are at a loss - how it's done?


3-4 medium eggplants; 2 medium onions; 3 eggs; a handful of dried mushrooms; oil for frying; black pepper; no salt. Preparation:

1. Srezh with eggplant peels and we shall cut them into cubes.

2. Vzbey eggs in foam and zaley of eggplant. Mix well and cover.

3. Within an hour 5-6 times to mix eggplant. As a result, the eggs should not be visible at all.

4. Lay the eggplant in the pan and lightly fry them in vegetable oil.

5. we shall cut onions into cubes and add it to the pan.

6. Stir and continue to fry for about three minutes.

7. eruption chopped dried mushrooms to the pan and bringing a dish until done.

8. Season with pepper.

This dish is delicious both hot and cold. Try to cook the eggplant in this way and you will be pleasantly surprised with the result!

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