Anecdote does not lose its relevance. That's why you need to ask questions!

Jokes often are not only fun but also instructive and wise. We suggest you read one, which is a proof of that. It can even recite their children, and over the years this funny story does not lose its relevance. That is why it is important not to be afraid to ask questions. Because of the demand is not hit in the nose, is not it?

Once caught in the woods Dragon Wolf and said to him:
- Look, write: "The wolf, gray, one piece." Today, come to me for dinner, I'll eat you. Got it?
- Got it.
- Any questions?
- No.
Wolf went sad.

Dragon is going on in the woods. I caught a fox.
- Records: "The fox, red, tailed, one piece." Today, come to me for dinner, I'll eat you. Understood?
- Yeah.
- Are there any questions?
- No.
Fox went dejectedly.

A dragon goes on in the woods. Caught Hare says:
- So-s-s-s write: "The hare, gray, long-eared, one piece." Tomorrow come to me at breakfast, I'll eat you. Got it?
- Of course, I realized.
- Are there any questions?
- Yes, there is.
- Well, ask!
- And you can not come?
- Can. You-Jun-ki-wa-yu!

How many times have I read so many times laugh. But you can not argue. If you want to know something - ask, because there are no stupid questions. A hare - cunning, however!

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