How to get rid of the sagging skin of arms and legs: folk remedies and exercise.

Everyone dreams of a healthy and supple skin. But, unfortunately, many are faced with the problem of how flabby arms and legs. It can be caused by dramatic weight loss, age-related changes, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and many others. In order to get rid of sagging, we suggest you use some traditional medicines and to do certain exercises.

Recommendations to prevent sagging skin:
1. Do not lose weight rapidly and torment themselves debilitating diet.

2. Protect your skin from UV rays.

3. Give up the habit of smoking.

4. Consume more fiber and discard the harmful fats.

5. Train three times a week.

6. drank their daily water intake.

Exercise Hand
Before performing the exercises is required to make the workout.

1. Push-ups. Put Your hands on the floor and lift the entire body only by hand. The back should be straight. If you do not push on the shoulder, bringing his knees and upri them to the floor for stability. So you have to put less effort and strain on your back is not as strong.

2. Take a dumbbell or fill a bottle with water. Hands are placed palms outward. Then bend your elbows while trying to maximize their squeeze. This exercise is necessary to perform 12 times.

3. To stretch. Raise your right hand up, bend it at the elbow and cast behind his back. Then push down on the left hand, right elbow. Keep your hand in this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other arm.

Exercises for the feet
Ride a bike, do not use the elevator, I jump on the rope or running.

Also, do squats and lunges with additional weight in your hands. Do three sets of 10 repetitions.
Folk remedies to combat flabbiness:
1. Srezh lower leaf aloe plant, which at least 3 years. Cut the sheet in half and make it soft massage sagging skin in a circular motion. We perform the procedure once a week.

2. Mix 1 tbsp. l. honey with egg white. Apply the mask in a circular motion on the arms and legs for half an hour. Wash with cool water.

3. we will cut a ripe melon into small pieces. Take a couple of pieces and vzbey them in a blender with 0, 5, Art. water and lemon juice. Wet gauze in the liquid and apply it to problem areas for some time.

If you follow these tips, then the result will not take long. Share with your friends information about how to remove the sagging skin of hands and feet.

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