7 things you can not deny your baby.

Every parent dreams of having his child grew up a happy, harmonious and comprehensive development of the personality. But, unfortunately, very often the expectations and reality do not match, and first of all the adults in this blame their child not have lasted, did not try, do not have time. Infinite "no", "no", "no" ... but few people think about the fact that the lack of confidence in their abilities often instill parents. How? His prohibitions!

10 things you can not deny the child, even if you really want to.

1. Independently there

If your child is still very small, you know what to eat, not filthy, it can not physically. Of course, as anyone who value their time, do not you think it necessary to spend it on something to wipe messy, change his soiled clothes, perestirat her wipe the crumbs off the table or wash the floor, but just take a spoon in hand and begin to vigorously feed your baby. Of course, so much faster and easier, but, barring a child there alone, you're at the root to suppress his desire to become "adult like Mom and Dad," to deprive him of the first lessons focus, perseverance, self-confidence and abilities.

2. Help you

Surely you have often heard similar phrases: "put and the spill," "Done," "do not disturb", "I manage without you." Surprisingly, within a few years, parents who refused's ongoing commitment to help the child, usually complain: "I have it so sloppy," "He did not want to do", "I can not force him." Do not be afraid that the baby is his desire to help bring a lot of hassle. He, too, it is important to feel needed, to hear the praise, trained adult desire for order and organization. If your assistant is still quite a pipsqueak - entrusted him with simple tasks that he must be mastered: pour the flower, get the clothes from the washing machine, add up toys on the shelf.

3. Independently draw paints

Too many parents deprive their child of room for imagination, justifying this standard excuses: stained, izrisuet walls, feels full of chemistry. However, much easier to buy the baby finger paints and give him an opportunity to paint in the bathroom. This develops the child's imagination, fine motor skills, gives the knowledge of the world and protects the nerves of the parents, because the tile can be a simple wash with soapy water!

4. Express their opinions

Many parents recognize the modern methods of education and agree that the child - a complete identity with his thoughts, desires and needs. However, very often phrases like, "You do know," "I'm better than you know what to do," "Because I decided" not only hurt the child, but also remind ourselves candid childishness. Of course, the effect is much easier to use, but is not it better to talk to your baby as equals and for the umpteenth time to explain, to listen, to negotiate? This not only brings a very, but also teaches the child how to act in such situations. You can not always be there, right?

5. Active house express emotions (to run, scream, jump)

The fact that an adult seems inappropriate for a child - a natural way to relax and throw out the accumulated energy. Behave politely need in society: in the hospital nursery, outdoor, in-store ... Where, if not at home, a person can afford to be as he is? For the child, it is also very important!

6. Playing sports venues on the street

Perhaps it is impossible to walk past the playground and do not hear the words, "fall", "blow", "get dirty", "do not go", "do not run", "do not jump". Firstly, even adults do not like to be told by the arm, and secondly, a lot easier to teach the baby correctly to roll down the hills, or climb the stairs than ever to straighten it. Child strives to learn about the world - support him, and do not reproach, for it is very important!

7. Watch cartoons

Modern cartoons - this is a topic for another article. However, no one will argue that the child (especially if he attends kindergarten) is very important to be aware of chëm say peers. The next series of animated series can be compared to the news release for adults. The child wants to be in the know! Pick up the baby for those cartoons or separate series that you think is acceptable, and watch them together. It brought together you even more.

And how do you feel about such psychological advice? Tell your friends about this article. Anyone who has children, she certainly come in handy!

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