30 tips from Evelina Khromtchenko. She knows what he says!

When it comes to fashion, beauty, choice of image and style, it is worth to listen to opinion of professionals and follow their advice. In order for you to be always on top and looked great, he gathered 30 tips from Evelina Khromchenko - guru of the fashion industry and a woman with an excellent sense of style. These tips will be a little hint for any lady, because they are universal!

1. Selection of tight jeans - very responsible story. Jeans as plastic surgery can improve the shape or fantastic or absolutely spoil it.

2. Excellent trendy set - black turtleneck, short pants with elegant shoes on a small heel and stockings to match the shoes and pants.

3. In the wardrobe of any woman's clothing is divided into three types - for yourself, for friends and for men. Do not confuse these outfits. If you go on a date, the dress should emphasize the difference between the chest, waist and hips.

4. The secret of success - simple solutions. Black pants, white shirt, a bright scarf or shawl. That is the secret of good taste.

5. The best trainer in order to get rid of the man's gait - skirt in two or three palm below the knee.

6. Remember the law: voluminous sleeves - smooth hair, short dress - tight tights speaking outfit - shoes silent. Let the dress inside is only one active zone. It's not terrible, if it's your eyes.

7. Even Yves Saint Laurent noticed that turtleneck with high neck - a great way out of any awkward situation. She clings beautifully and emphasizes the chest, while hiding from prying details.

8. Traditionally, the right investment - the classic cashmere cardigan with V-neck.

9. Mothers girls should definitely teach them to dress. It is a mistake to think that the nature of the woman knows how to be painted, dress and comb.

10. Any dress can tell about a person a lot more than he wanted to do it.

11. If you have a problem of excess weight, heel often plays a crucial role in helping to hide figure flaws. If you do not have these disadvantages, the heel may be, and may be absent completely.

12. Do not be shy of its forms. All that the Lord has given you - beautiful. And if it is beautiful, it is necessary to emphasize their shape. The main thing - do it wisely and carefully.

13. Fashion - this is not the feathers and rhinestones, fashion - this is where the skirt fits well when trousers lengthen legs when a woman wearing a dress and fly above the earth. When she picked up a new bag - and her life changed when she bought the shoes on money set aside for a rainy day and rainy day has never in her life to come. In this coordinate system, new clothes - the tool is cheaper and safer than psychotherapists and antidepressants.

14. Good taste need to train every day. When you stop doing it, then no matter how much you may be years, 19 or 75, begins aging.

15. Coco Chanel said: «In order to look good, do not have to be young». Em>

16. Absolutely perfect beauty does not attract. In order to attract attention in the beauty must be some small irregularity.

17. Reconsider its collection of scarves, shawls and lipsticks. When the scarf and lipstick duo sound, you'll look great, even when wearing the color that you like, but it is not yours.

18. If your skirt or dress is lifted up when walking, you definitely needed another style, size or larger.

19. There is no massive legs, stockings are bad. There are no ugly women, there are illiterate hairdressers.

20. Do not be afraid of high heels. In stores you can find shoes or boots with high heels that are very easy to use and that can be worn from morning to evening.

21. Shoes must be not only comfortable but also elegant. If the shoes have a single color with pants, it visually lengthens the legs.

22. If you wear bright, flashy dress, be sure to do a little smooth hair, so as not to detract from the dress.

23. In the evening there is a set rule that should shine one thing. That is, either a dress or accessory.

24. In order for any age look beautiful and elegant at the same time, turn to the classics: a black pencil skirt, tuxedo studs, a tiny clutch Handbags.

25. If you want to go up the career ladder, dress as if you were already there.

26. Little Black Dress will decorate even a middle-aged woman. The only thing you should do - is to wear thick black tights under it.

27. Red dress - a cry, burgundy dress - a point of view, a black dress - a vital position.

28. costume jewelry should be chosen so that it was clear that this jewelry. If the jewelry is not trying to wishful thinking, then you look luxurious even among women, shining with natural stones.

29. To attract the attention of others, you can simply: lipstick bright lipstick, wear huge sunglasses and pick up a bright bag.

30. cheap stuff, decorated with crystals tend to look defiantly vulgar.

Always follow these tips to become a stylish woman, which are equal to others. And help her friends to become better!

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