11 most perceptive remarks Evelina Khromchenko about style, fashion and beauty.

< Evelyn Khromtchenko has long been a style icon for fashionistas of all ages. It is not surprising: bright, bold, unique, this woman knows a lot about fashion and beauty, more than anyone

Her quote, listen to her, she imitated. < «Website» produced the most apt expressions and Tips Evelyn Khromtchenko By the authoritative opinion of this woman is a sin not to listen

Tips by Evelyn Khromtchenko
Can be a long learning Woman femininity, but the stockings will make it instantly Fashion -.. This is not the feathers and rhinestone, fashion - this is when the skirt fits well and trousers visually lengthen legs a woman can be anything important -. remember that it is not thick and curvy, not long, and stately, not thin and shapely, not the little man, and miniature. We need to appreciate what God gave you.

Take the money set aside for a rainy day, and buy for yourselves new shoes And maybe a rainy day never comes. Jeans as a plastic surgery can either fantastically to improve the shape , or completely ruin it. Happy woman large bags are not. In every man there is something that can turn it into a star.

Every woman - the actress. Each new dress - a new role: a woman wears it and starts playing a new scenario. The most important thing - not to make yourself of who you are not. God has given us a taste, so that we can save. There is no misuse of the body, there is the wrong dress.

A witty woman, you can not argue! Evelyn Khromtchenko shows us how important it is to find yourself in the very highlights that make our unique beauty. And then because of their stress to become an example to follow. After all, fashion tend to change, and your own style and sense of taste - this is what sets us apart from the crowd

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