10 examples of absurd combinations, from which she shocked Evelyn Khromtchenko!

According to Evelina Khromchenko, this woman must know how to combine clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that some women are born with a sense of style and literally from the cradle affect surrounding its natural flair and good taste, while others, unfortunately, have to listen to the advice of other, more stylish people. We offer to your attention the 10 most absurd combinations of clothing according to Evelyn Khromtchenko.

1. Black + Light dress boots

It looks ridiculous and visually shorten legs.

2. Classic jacket + jeans

Tasteless, anyway!

3. Treads + miniskirt

You want to look stylish or cheap? You decide!

4. Leggings + knitted skirt

Great for little girls. If you are not 5 years - forget about this combination.

5. Red shoes + red bag

Overkill with color.

6. Leather jacket + shoes

It is impossible to combine incongruous!

7. Booties + long skirt

This image does not look like anyone?

8. Court shoes + any thing in military style

On this combination is better to forget - it is impossible to injure the human psyche.

9. Stockings + miniskirt

Japanese anime for schoolchildren.

10. Stockings + shoes with open cape

No, no and no again!

Being a woman - means to be able to dress up. Unfortunately, without it anywhere. If you want to make people just a good impression - learn to properly combine things. Share with your friends these tips in style from Evelina Khromtchenko that they do not fall into a stupid situation.

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