The technique of early development of children, Maria Montessori


I offer interesting lessons on the Montessori system, which You can do with your child at home.

Remember, the Montessori method most importantly – independent work, so be patient and don't try to impose anything on your child or doing the job for him. The fact that the adult considers elementary, for the threeyear little man can be a daunting task. The essence of Montessori exercises is to give the child the opportunity to act independently, your job is simply to watch over his work.


Hence it follows another rule: omit needless words. Explaining to the child the task, say and show only what is necessary. Let he in practice knows the characteristics of things, doing their own "research".

And, of course, such work with the Montessori materials should not become a heavy duty or obligation. The child learns by playing and better perceives new, when configured on it. That is why if the baby doesn't want to do anything – save it for tomorrow. The most important thing – spending time with your toddler and engage in fun things that bring joy to you both.


Pour into a bowl two colors of beads (about 5-7 beads of each color) and to the right of the bowls put the two saucers. Suggest: “Come one saucer fold all of the red beads and the other all green.” To spice up the game, say, for example, what is the treat for bears and bunnies, and bear only likes cherry, and honey – only gooseberries. To shift beads it is necessary for one, taking three fingers (show). If some of the beads will fall on the table, ask to pick them with a shovel. Make sure to bring the work to the end – this skill is very important. Therefore, at first, take the smaller beads.

“Magic mesh”

Saying, “this Cup mixed rice and semolina (show separate grains of rice and semolina). How to pick out all the rice grains? It's hard to make even your small and nimble fingers. But you will help a sieve!” The separation of the cereals from one another it seems to the child to focus. Explain why this is so, poured in a strainer first, pure semolina, and then Fig. Sifted rice should be pour into the prepared dish. Rejoice with little results achieved.

“Fish out of water”

Pour into a bowl of water and throw a few small items: pieces of cork, twigs, etc. Offer the kid using a small sieve with a handle to catch all of these items and put them in the plate standing on a tray to the right of the bowl. Sieve the baby should keep in the right hand.

“Don't oversleep and don't spill”

First pour into the pitcher a little grain and show the kid how, holding the jug with your right hand and hold the left, pour the cereal into the glass, standing to the left of the pitcher. (All spilling of the grain, the child must sweep the brush in the scoop.) Reserved don't forget to praise the child if he carefully removed. Go to transfusion should only be done when the child become more familiar with the oversleeping. Help to start and finish the transfusion is for him trenee all. Show how to collect the spilled water with a sponge.

Give your child a small mashed piece of clay. Offer to prepare a festive lunch for the dolls. Show how to make “balls” (rolling balls), “sausage” and “pancakes”. Then from these “blanks” you can “assemble” the figures of people and animals. Helping your child, not snowywhite his fantasy – defeat the temptation to sculpt instead.

“Open and shut”

Invent a game: for example, the baby may be a doctor, I have a lot of jars with drugs or hostess who keeps in jars of different grains. Put before the child a few small jars with closed lids (jars must be different size and shape). Offer open all the jars, and then close again, a properly chosen cap. If the covers are twisted, make sure that the baby is twisted the cap and not the Bank.

“There was water – and not her”

This exercise is of great educational value: the child, the Strait of anything can clean up after themselves. First teach your toddler to transfer the sponge the water from one plate to another. Put on tray two plates: left with a small amount of water to the right is empty. Show how to use the sponge, picking up her water in one plate and pressing over another. Please note that water should not drip from the sponge on the tray. Then pour a little water on the tray and show her how to MOP a puddle, collecting it with a sponge.

“Blast away, but do not oversleep!”

This skill a kid can use every day, helping to clear the table. He was happy that he as an adult has its own duty. Show your child how to hold the brush right hand as to sweep it from the table, how to frame a scoop that debris does not fall on the floor. Bright or dark edge on the edge of the scoop will help: scoop need to be brought under cover of the table so that Kant could not see – then doesn't Wake up.

“Hey, fish”

Put on a tray two bowls: left – deep and right – shallow. In a deep dish, pour water and throw a few small floaters. Offer the kid to catch them one by one with a spoon and put in a shallow dish. First, help him, gently guiding his hand. Make sure that the baby properly held the spoon. It is important to bring the exercise to the end of: all items to be moved to a shallow dish and spilled water to collect sponge.

“Pour a spoon”

Put on a tray two cups left Cup of cereal and to the right is empty. (Two cups should be dry.) At the beginning, moving the child's hand, show how to score incomplete spoon of grain, to wait to croup has ceased to pour from the spoon, and, smoothly moving a hand to move the spoon for the right Cup and to overturn over it. Help your child to gain the rump, when it will remain low (tell me that you have to bend the Cup with the left hand). Useful to combine this exercise with stirring. For example, the child can pour sugar into tea and stir it.

“Cooking drugs”

Kids love to stir with a spoon, such as sugar in tea. However, this does not always work: the movement the child is still a sharp, spoon beating on a Cup, tea spills. Help the kid, first moving his arm. Keep in mind that a child is much more interesting to stir substances in the water, which dissolves stain it. Make sure that the baby properly held the spoon. This exercise can be linked a lot of games: cooking of medicines, food, etc. So that the child learned the action with a spoon, combine this exercise with pouring spoon.


Invite your child to sprinkle the “sand” (semolina, millet) a track on a table with a width of 3-5cm. Limit it, for instance, with strips of paper. Play: the track can go from one of matches laid out from the house to the other. The sand is necessary to pour three fingers (folded them “a pinch”) without going over the edges of the track. Playing in the yard, you can make a track between two sticks, sprinkled with “sugar” sand “cake”, etc.

Good luck and patience! published


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