They love each other, never met. Madly romantic story of two photographers.

Love is in the distance there! And one of those stories today tell you.

Aaron, the famous American photographer, and Rosie, a photographer from the United Kingdom, met on the Internet. It all started with a professional interest in each other, but it turned into something more. Young people in love, and yet before the meeting was still far away, we decided to make a joint photo project. Rosie Aaron sent their photos, and it handles them in Photoshop, join their. The result of these creations - inspiring!

This is the first joint photo lovers.

guessed that it was almost impossible to collage. «We have decided to create a world where we can be together. In these photos we are so close, like a real couple. So we can express our love for one another », i> - the guys wrote on his blog.


Step Closer

«I think that we will soon meet again, and that we are now closer than ever. Every night I feel that it is next to me, and not through the thousands of kilometers of wire telephone lines. We are almost together, and it's the most incredible feeling in the world! » I>

Love ears

This may be a first kiss kids

So close and yet so far

«I never needed someone so much in my whole life, and now I feel so helpless. I never loved so unconditionally, Aaron loves me. He's the most wonderful man on this earth. I want to you ». I>

After 9 months, the lovers finally meet. Aaron decided to fly to Rosie. The guys were very nervous before the meeting. But happy as children. Rosie and Aaron believe that their story is just beginning.

It's the most romantic story of all that I've ever heard. Share it with your friends!

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