Within 4 weeks the woman is drinking every day for 3 liters of water. The result is simply stunning!

Sarah Smith 42 years. For a long time, the woman suffered from severe migraine headaches and chronic fatigue. Her doctor advised Sarah to immediately stop drinking coffee, and drink more water. And Sarah decided to try an experiment: during the month it every day to drink three liters of water!

2 weeks:
To follow the changes, a woman taking pictures of themselves every day. After two weeks of her skin seemed to have a more smooth. «Headaches also miraculously disappeared. I feel like a completely different person ». I>

3 weeks later:
Three weeks later smoothed wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, Sarah lost weight per kilogram. «During each meal, I drink a large glass of water. This helps to quickly satisfy hunger. I used all the time, it seemed that I want to eat, really thirsty. Most of this does not happen to me ». I>

4 weeks:
At the end of the 4th week of the experiment the result is simply stunned Sarah. «I like a born again as if it was not me, but a completely different woman. It seems like younger skin and the eyes sparkled again. I am very proud of myself! » I>

And once again a photo of Sarah "before and after": change easily noticeable. Sarah concludes: «Now I constantly drink instead of Coke, lemonade, juice and coffee only water. Firstly, I feel better, and secondly, I now look considerably younger. What else do you need?! » I>

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