Fantastic ideas for all lovers of cats. And the bed-burger myself I would not mind!

You can call an avid cat owner? Then these life hacking will help make your stay with your pet more comfortable and fun!

Bed-burger for seals.

Photo: Petz Route

Bookshelf specifically for your cat.

Photo: Corentin Dombrecht


Photo: Lisbonite

Most of Indiana Jones.

Photo: Catastrophi Creations

To you it's desktop while your cat will be there to play.

Photo: LYCS

A great solution for those who like to sharpen kogtiki.

Photo: modernistcat

Hammock for cats.


Cat sofa tunnel.

Photo: Seungji Mun

Cat bath.


Do cats also have their own means of transport.

Photo: Because We Can

House for cat-gardener.

Photo: Pousse Creative

coffee table, hammock.

Photo: Koichi Futatsumata

Your cat loves to bask in the battery?


A cozy house for the cat.


Table with grass. Especially for those who love fresh vitamins. B>

Photo: Emily Wettstein


Photo: Trillium Enterprises


Photo: Loyal Luxe

And you can sleep and sharpen claws.

Photo: SouthPawCats

rocking chair for the cat and its owner.

Photo: Paul Kweton

Cat's office. Only business cats. B>

Photo: modernistcat

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